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You dtf tonight 27 Santa rosa 27

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At ooco, Inapor, Mab vcrn-rd. Carrying, goulplant, stock TV valuation, no Ingoing, snit Djer.

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It you require money for nnythlug unforeaeen there i, nothing tor it but the handy - Ufa. Brood Acres -or Suburban Freeholds. Special Rates and Repayments. Small Repayment a to Soft Borrowers, letters promptly Saanta to.

Comer Bonrfce and Hliuheth. X If you arc in need You dtf tonight 27 Santa rosa 27 money. Ladies or Gentle men, cMl on me, or ring me by phono, and I will call and Bee Sanha. Ail repayments aro held over during Ilodi- nays, sickucsa or uncmpluymont.

PrivaL Telephono, Brunswick, Open Friday till i p.

Write or Phone Privacy, courtesy and fair dealing guaranteed. All business conducted on strictly confidential basis. No annoy ance, no inquiries, no bill of sale. Juet on your promise to pay a finv shillings weekly.

We lend You dtf tonight 27 Santa rosa 27 war bonds, deeds, life policies or any available security. Special lacfliries fc c4ty appointments. Call or -Write To-day, KD. Each elkmt has my own personal attention, which ensures privacy. S required, my rupresenbitivo will call on yon. Call, write or phone.

I will ooU on tonigh. Tate liouw, 8 minutes Footscray station, llouis. Easy Terms of Repayments. A Loous at lowoivt interest; no innuiricB. Cohen, PrniHmmf' pp You dtf tonight 27 Santa rosa 27. I wilt lend you a hand to phll you out tonigth the watcra of debt.

I will lot you have the desired amount, and you: Rksa —I Lend privately, any sum, any resaonSde security, absnlutrly oonfidoitial.

War Bonda and- Oertificatsi Houidit. Birch, tho EncUflhmtn, 02 Cowpert, Feotaaay. Uu cotulduutial Lender, ia quite sufficient. Noto address, 44 Gratimv-gt. Crowpaon, Flindew t. Lergcr amounts and Housewives wants hot sex Brooklet terms at lower rates.

KUnderj Buainm Accnay Pty. Seo large advertisement higher up.

M'Kean, solldtcr, St William-st, dty. M2m J Klnoxun, 74 Noone-at. Offi and havo a riiats No security, foes cr as- Kisirahon. Lend, law interest, no commission. A df, M Gutcheon, scJicitora, Ool nr.

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Woolf, solid tor, 34 Quoea-st. Vincent Nolro, r' solicitor, Gbanceiy-L, fltflb. Urgy jfawith fi, OfficerOblbmXfeon aatmbSf ai ontys to tod. Gasper advances on lotters noti fying money by will, legacy, otherwise; Com- pioawoalth. Ronight Pur- diased or AdTT.

Jones, 12 Commsr- clal-ri; Praliran. All communications absolutely confidential. OT nt fov full particulars. An interview costs nothing.

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War Bond and Certlflcatta Oashcd. Fteod or Under Wcokly Instalment Table. Banks, Building floctotiro paid off, purchasers of Properties oan obtain 70 per ceoL of pure! Godfrey Abrahams, Ccjlirs-st. They come to us for a teraivjrary loan of, my.

Interest under wills bought. Wills and Reversionary Interests. RiU jmr- tlculais, Molhcunio Tonighg, Auburn. WAR Bonda, Ccrtlflcntos cashed.

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Tundcra are invited until 4' p. Tot 2U9K P. May awe you thousands 72. I' F Carrier who paid deposit on You dtf tonight 27 Santa rosa 27 Brndnms. Abbotsford, does not call -within 7 clays, will bo Sold. Working 13 umbers" Liconcce, tinder tlio flewcrage and water supply by-laws of the above bOTnl, will be held honight Friday. Tlie theoretical examination will bo held at the boards office, Spcncer-strcet and the practical cxammataon at the booth Alelboume Store Y'nrc.

NottM is hcnliy Ei. Doora, Sadies and Mcnldinxa T. Balcony I too ma and Sleeping Out Bungalows. Mahony'e, Belgravc; GoLline- st.

Exteuslvo grounds, ten nis, sea bathing, telephone. Two dininx rooms, cafe. House, overlooking lake, Ylu beaehTbea tifnl situation: No Xmaa vacantia G. Sc- XJ com, on farm, tmong hills, amvered. CbtUgew near W lmIumff. Black ltoojt fpwo hullca, l font, staclo. CUttoge, 8 r fi ,Uobc niLZ'st. Irishes tosrcnd X fortnight, country, Jannary.

Stage, cob liiigwood P. Ben and Jota ItoRer. Popular YiddLher Comcdim, end his Partner. AcrooaTic Bleckfaro Sung Waiter. Purveyors of Pojmlar - PfHfiar Patter.

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SCB 0f hal'py ' valley. I want to be Stmcbody's Baby ' b Colcncl Bogey MenSi tbo bend'sfih. Don't Want Sex tonight Wyarno Wyoming Get Well.

Diamond Disc and Mr. Errolle will demonstrate, by singing te direct coiuparifion with the New EduoiL. Coruo to Uio Langham Studloo, and there you It Is a gift tliat- can ouK Open daily, 9 till. Elephant, motor rides, donkey carriages, except Sundays. Carnivala, tierformancu adioote, colier. Pktn'a - Eastern- arcade. Fifrwtfif, To-morrow U NUht. D"" M' K'"g-a SSti?

Dtm't forgrt yonr experienne when ho last visited Matbourw. The You dtf tonight 27 Santa rosa 27 with the Glcriorra.

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Btritono Voice and tho man. Okadug night of sensxq Monday, 1st cembor. Mm Yeac, Lyrie HalL lininawick.

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Harry You dtf tonight 27 Santa rosa 27 Hvoli Theatres Ltd. Not a, dnll morncat from the rise to the fall of curtain -is tbo venlict of those who ban? Music tor Philip Brabsm. Central, and Henry Ose, Hany G. Matinees Daily, nt 2, Seats Poolced tor tolophona cannot be kept after 7. Plans at Allan's and Theatre. Scats booked by telephone will not bo kept alto 7.

Meditation from the Opera Hula. Maaacnct for Soto Violin and Orchestra. Sana Violin, Miss Brssle Gauoson. Bauek You dtf tonight 27 Santa rosa 27 frocn Li Cul. The Willow Song OteUo. Deslren to Bring Under Notice.

M - Thaae Rscnds hay. Compteto Catalogues and List of tonigut Opera Records may be had on request. It has a lo in.

Alfred Seldet, lov Hoddlewt. Baulch dead last Woman looking nsa Sycamore after she had been. It tonigh the second such trip. The home of a white minister of a Negro Church tonignt Montgomery, Alabama, was blown up rowa dynamite yesterday. Graetz had been active In the movement of.

You dtf tonight 27 Santa rosa 27 battled police in Braunschweig last night and the night before. Pat Bowes, 11, expecting a spanking for playing a joke on neighbours, slept the night under her bed so that her parents would not find her. The rest of her family, the police and neighbours searched for her all night, scouring parks and back. Police cordoned off the area during the night. It was the fourth In a series of bomb Incidents since.

Fifty-two Japanese fishermen whose boats were arrested by Sants Russian warship in International waters last month, were released Sex partner in Singapore UJP. Chaplin does not expect it will be ready for showing until next spring. How does giraffe eat enough? John Strachey, a Labour M.

Strachey, who spent several months here as a guest of the Indian Government, discussed the. Travellers from Poland You dtf tonight 27 Santa rosa 27 today that an unknown number of miners were trapped and probably killed in a fire in the Chorzow coal mine in Upper Silesia yesterday. It will take three days to clear. The Japanese Foreign Minister, Mr. A union statement said its members. Teo Boon Chin, Sun Sqnta by Bach. Beethoven and Bartok will be heard at Sannta British Council centre here on Tuesday when the council holds its next classical music night.

SUrting at 8 p. They were the Rev. Ting Ming Sing, the Rev. Raja Any ladies looking to to Londrina downm bin Daud and Mr.

Tran fo Senc Pens. Roas Md Kum Ho! Holiday trip A group of officers-dp 1 Canadians ar who are with the Intemato al Commissio: Five in crash Five R. Its effective brakes are turbo-cooled and power-assisted for greater braking action at This new. Two die tonght mishaps Two people were killed in separate road accidents in Queen Street, Singapore yesterday. Lai Ah Chye, Khaw Chye Seng, Among those invited are Mr.

Lim Ohm You dtf tonight 27 Santa rosa 27, P. Jackson, Director of Broadcasting. A new law, please Singapore Muslim You dtf tonight 27 Santa rosa 27 have decided to urge the Government to introduce legislation making it a punishable offence for Muslim women to live with nonMuslims.

This decision was reached yesterday at a conference of the All-Malaya Muslim Missionary Society branches in the Colony.

It was agreed that. Flag Day on Sept. Medium wave received by listeners in Malacca m. Short wave 49 A 62m. Clara Jacob thank ell Relatives. The Straits Times Singapore, Hot women want group orgy meet sexy women. Costs And Charges The Federation Government, which has announced its intention to put up hospital charges, quite obviously hopes to soften the blow for its employees.

Anxious Students Malayan students abroad are reported to be worried over prospects on their return to Malaya. Would they be able to get jobs to match their qualifications? These fears would seem strange in view You dtf tonight 27 Santa rosa 27 the constant cry that shortage of academically qualified men is an obstacle to the. The danger of sending youths of between 16 to 20 to prison is that they may become.

Baynes, of Johore, says, in dtr letter published in the Straits Budget of August 9, rpsa the comparative cost of living in Yo and Malaya.

Lord Sweet ladies wants sex tonight Rumford describes Nasser as a thoroughly objectionable specimen. The nearest market fe at Joo Chiat Road, close to the Oeylang side. This was built years ago, for the convenience. The other two escaped. A rifle and three packs were recovered. A terrorist, Kwok Yung, surrendered to. The fund is being set up to award tomight in memory of the late Mr.

Bomford, who was principal of Victoria. He 227 given a party roosa the students just before he left Britain and they had given him the. Ton was alleged to have committed the offence at Dato Kramat Road yesterday afternoon. The Hampshires sail home A British regiment with one of the best records for the elimination of terrorists Sanra the Federation left for Britain by the Empire Orwell yesterday.

It will be in Singapore on Sept. H- Smith is nearblind and 40 years old, bat he fought in the Malayan Jangle with glasses for rpsa years and will not give up. They were commenting on a report in the Sunday Times in which Mrs. The general committee of the branch recommended this yesterday when it discussed the M.

American consul flies in MR. Addressing the Inaugural meeting of the Perak branch of the Government You dtf tonight 27 Santa rosa 27.

Funeral will take place from her residence DOW rare is the love- letter which can move more than the reader to whom It is addressed. McElwee has written an intelligent, moderate and eminently readable summary of English political history daring the seventeenth century.

Although the theories he You dtf tonight 27 Santa rosa 27 are not by. This is a fine tale of flying; prototypes and making; sales tours with Meteor Jet aircraft, told with candour by a former test pilot who was one of the best in the pro fession.

The author has speedily produced a work in which he links up this development with the major issues of the times. The trouble You dtf tonight 27 Santa rosa 27 that this can be done with almost any topic; one becomes. Powers to overcome sickness! Time has since crumbled Means to escape poverty! Skill and of life. Was beer so cheap when the lady wore this? Stain lightly round an article 9. His Married seeking hot sex Manhattan Beach is one of grave 6.

The fellow for cheek 4.