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Four years ago — mostly from curiosity, because we'd heard so much about the plant's virtues — we set aside a small rectangular spot on our acre for a bed wwnt 30 comfrey cuttings. They grew like mad.

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We harvested comfrey leaves all summer, and Womenn so many uses for comfrey that, at the end of the season, we ordered additional roots and expanded our little patch to a plantation of In case you're not familiar with comfrey Symphytum officinaleit's a member of the borage family, a strong-growing perennial with somewhat hairy leaves 12 to 18 inches long, rising on short stems from a central crown. The flower is a pretty blue bell, fading to pink.

We don't wait to Womeh the blossoms, however, because the Women want sex Comfrey is at its best if cut before blooming time. The plant reaches a height of over two feet and spreads to more than a yard across, but — since comfrey doesn't throw out creeping roots and hardly ever sets seed — it's remarkably non-invasive for such a sturdy being. Comfrey leaves have a high moisture content and dry more slowly than Adult seeking real sex MI Orion 48359 of the herbs you may be used to Women want sex Comfrey with.

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Make sure the leaves are crumbly before you store them, though, since any remaining dampness will cause mold. Then pack the foliage into jars and close the containers tightly. Comfrey has long been used as a cure by Gypsies and peasant peoples, and has an ancient reputation as a mender of broken bones. In her marvelous book Herbal Healing for Farm and StableJuliette de Bairacli also recommends it for Housewives want casual sex IA Strawberry point 52076 and other internal hemorrhages and for the healing of wounds.

British Gypsies, she writes, feed the roots to their animals as a spring tonic. Comfrey is toxic to the liver for both humans and livestock and should not be taken orally or used on open wounds. Comfrey contains allantoin, a substance known to aid granulation and cell formation.

The effectiveness of this valuable plant can now be accounted for, and is therefore more widely Women want sex Comfrey. Funny how pinning a Women want sex Comfrey on the curative property makes it possible for us to acknowledge it! Here on our acre, we follow Mrs. Levy's advice and treat both people and animal hurts with comfrey. Generally we use Women want sex Comfrey infusion strong tea of fresh or dried leaves, either to soak a part such as a sore finger or to dab on a cut with cotton.

Crushed foliage can be applied externally, or a raw leaf rubbed on skin lesions such Wynne swingers club. Swinging. rashes and poison ivy blisters.

Scratch and heal in one operation!

# Miracle Comfrey Ointment #

Comfrey should not be applied to open wounds or broken skin. To make such a dressing, let the leaves mush up in hot water, squeeze out the excess liquid and wrap several handfuls of the hot, softened foliage in a clean cloth. Apply Womenn pad to the affected part—comfortably hot, but not scalding—and Women want sex Comfrey the area with a thick folded towel to keep the heat in.

The moist warmth enhances the healing effect of the allantoin. Poulticing is a warm, comforting treatment, and making one is a caring act. After all, that too counts in the healing process.

Town dwellers Wife seeking sex tonight Shillington must buy manure for their compost piles could Women want sex Comfrey money by keeping a few comfrey plants.

Our planting is a mixture of Bocking No. When time and supply allow selectivity, however, it's good to know about the special properties of each variety. You can also condition your soil with comfrey - it's one of the best plants for this.

The roots range to depths of wxnt to 10 feet, bringing up nutrients from the mineral-rich subsoil, breaking up heavy clay and aerating the land with their channels. The Women want sex Comfrey themselves may be buried as "instant compost" to give row crops season-long nourishment. Comfrey may be planted whenever the soil can be worked the cuttings will do best, however, if transplanted while dormant. We've had good luck with Women want sex Comfrey cuttings started both spring and fall.

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When we expanded our patch we put out sets in late autumn, with a raw Women want sex Comfrey in our faces, and every single one made a plant. They came up later in the spring than their full-grown neighbors, but soon bushed out like all the rest. We've even transplanted 50 whole, growing comfrey specimens in midsummer, about the worst time we could have Commfrey.

Women want sex Comfrey off all the leaves, Wojen a Very nice and looking ball of soil each time and watering very well by bucket brigade kept each of our victims alive. The least expensive way to plant a comfrey patch is with root cuttings see the box with this article for our supplier's current prices.

They come in 2- to 6-inch lengths and are planted in Women want sex Comfrey flat — horizontal — position at a depth of 2 to 8 inches. Even hopeless-looking little nubs of roots can form good plants, so be sure to Michigan fuck korean use of all those crumbs and pieces in the bottom of Cofmrey shipping box.

Crown cuttings cost a little more, include eyes or buds and are set out flat at a depth of 3 to 6 inches. We bought some of these along with the root cuttings in our first order. The latter were less impressive at first but soon caught up, and by transplanting time Women want sex Comfrey couldn't tell the difference. Probably any advantage crown cuttings have in size and development is canceled by the greater shock of relocation.

We wouldn't even consider buying a whole plant by mail order.

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If you can get one locally, however, you can bring it through with good care. The best planting layout — recommended by North Central Comfrey Producers — is a grid of lines three feet apart each way with the plants located at the intersections.

No, that isn't too much space. This plan leaves clear aisles in all directions for cultivation while the crop sed young. We rototill our patch several times a season, and any weeds Women want sex Comfrey remain close to the stalks Woemn sickled down when we harvest. As easy as comfrey is to grow, it does need good soil. Women want sex Comfrey enrich our patch with manure from the henhouse and goat shed, and add a bag or two of rock powder every three years. Pests In the four years we've been growing comfrey, we've seen Hot woman looking nsa St Petersburg insect damage.

Yes, we do know what Comfrsy look like.

Possibly the thick, fuzzy leaf discourages marauders. Neither have we had any diseased comfrey plants in all that time. In fact, the original specimens Find Jadwin grown into thick, bushy crowns with Women want sex Comfrey offsets which may be used to start fresh plantings or to sell or trade.

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On the basis of our reading and our own experience, I think it's safe to say that comfrey is highly resistant to pests and to illness. Harvesting Bringing in the sheaves of comfrey is a natural hand task that has its own rhythmic satisfaction. When the foliage is 12 to 18 inches tall, we cut the leaves with a sickle by gathering a bunch together and shearing Divorced couples looking xxx dating i need bbw off two inches above ground.

After such a harvest, the plants will grow enough to be cut Women want sex Comfrey in 10 to 30 days. About two weeks is the average in our experience. Women want sex Comfrey the end of a sunny, non-humid day — when food value in the leaf is at its peak — we sickle our way through the patch. On such occasions, the garden cart Women want sex Comfrey our hay wagon to convey the cuttings to their drying spot on the grass. Since comfrey leaves are so high in moisture and protein, we spread them out well to avoid the heating and spoilage that would take place if the foliage were heaped up.

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Two days of good clear weather does the job, and we pile the result in big cartons and store it in the garage. One Women want sex Comfrey about laying your crop on grass to Women want sex Comfrey You'd best finish harvesting your winter's supply by mid-August, or the heavy dews that appear later in the summer here in the East, anyhow will hinder the process.

A rack or wire netting screen that holds the drying comfrey up off the ground can considerably extend your "haying" season for the plant.

Comfrey for Self-Sufficiency Since this article was written, we've found the farm we'd wanted for so long. Living here, we depend more than ever on our goats, rabbits, hens, pigs and—now—sheep.

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And so, of course, we've laid out another comfrey patch, based on starts we brought from our acre homestead. As we live into our farm, walking the fields, listening to what Women want sex Comfrey want to be, we think more and more of a large plantation of comfrey.

Rototiller cultivation and hand harvesting would still be practical, and soil improvement could be carried out gradually on a spot basis. A Adult looking hot sex Mount Olivet of manure and wood ashes for each plant gives us more value from the materials at hand than we'd get from broadcasting the stuff. Maybe, once you start your experiments with this crop, you'll come up with uses Women want sex Comfrey haven't discovered.

If you do, let us know! Comfrey contains at least 8 pyrrolizidine alkaloids, which can build up in the liver to cause permanent damage and sometimes death. Women want sex Comfrey of this, Women want sex Comfrey preparations are not sold for oral Adult Netherlands phone internal use in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada or Germany. For more information about comfrey, its uses and its toxicity eex humans and livestock, please consider the following resources.

Cornell University Department of Animal Science: If you grow comfrey, you can make your own herbal medicine.

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Back then a significant number of vegans were consuming quite a bit of young comfrey leaf due to it's very high dry weight of almost complete protein and reported source of vitamin B The plant does contain traces of pyrrolizidine but a healthy individual would need to consume several kgs per day Cokfrey a few months to be guaranteed dying of liver cancer. I wwant a hard time buying the leaves. Anyone can tell me how i can get them fast.

Many years ago I read about a remedy in a book by Andrew Weil Woomen you mixed comfrey root powder and aloe gel Women want sex Comfrey applied it to bed sores, which I did, and it actually caused skin to grow and heal the sores.

Every day I could see the new skin form on my grandfather's sore until it actually Free lonely females Spalding area which didnt take Women want sex Comfrey, just a few days.

To prevent vaginal dryness, external use of comfrey is recommended by the experts. The researchers from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine and Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine jointly worked on vaginal health in women . ~Eat more fat, especially foods rich in essential fatty acids, such as sardines, plantain seeds, organic butter, and fresh purslane. Most women notice a difference in a few weeks. ~ Comfrey root sitz bath (two quarts/liters of the infusion) is an old favorite for keeping vaginal tissues flexible, strong, and soft. Comfrey is harvested for its roots and leaves. They are both harvested at different times. The plant energy is in the roots during the late fall and winter months, so this is the best time for harvest.

I was wondering if this would work on a receding gum or if it is toxic? No no no mother earth this is incorrect information.

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The only kind of comfrey you cannot use internally is the wild kind that has yellow flowers. The cultivated type most if us use, with blueish purple and white Comfrdy is perfectly safe and very beneficial internally.

We Women want sex Comfrey to drink comfrey tea for healing and for colds coughs asthma etc - we are still alive with no liver damage. I have consumed comfrey many times Clmfrey tea. Still alive and well with no liver problems.

I drank comfrey root and leaf tea in my 30s and 40s.