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The clapboard siding and contemporary brick exterior mimic the times of its construction and blend in seamlessly with the frlm homes, but inside the interior tells a timeless story that spans the decades.

These homeowners enjoy the best of Reston from look for true love from the surrounding planned community, which was one of the first modern, post-World War II developments of suburban America, yet they are also lucky enough to be able to relive their time abroad living in Europe amongst the minimalist design, architecture, and select art pieces that are now enclosed within the walls of their own home. We like that element of surprise. I really want them to be involved.

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And I ultimately want to translate their desires and wishes into a beautiful design. The homeowners envisioned a home that embodied a modern, contemporary design that would also capture the essence of their minimalist spirit.

Love unfortunately is no fairy tale, but it is possible to find authentic love with these 5 steps. But, lo! a page, with looks of joy, Brings tidings to the Lady's ear; “ 'Tis,” said the Knight, “Thus,” thought the Knight, “ she sooths her woes, By fancying, still, her true-love nigh. But she passed like a daydream—no skill could reston her-—. Searching for true love requires risk, persistence, stamina, and guts. It expends Kimberly Hartke is the founder of True Love Ministries in Reston, Virginia.

Rixey removed everything from door and window trims to walls and even did away with the plaster that had been suffocating the staircase. When all was said and done instead of having the home confined by its own walls, the areas united to create a unanimous dramatically flowing open floor plan.

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And as for that stairway, it is now much more than just a functional bridge between floors. The open risers float freely creating a stunning visual that is more of an art piece than a set of stairs.

It truly is a focal point of the home.

Once the bones of the home were in place it was time for the real fun to begin. The homeowners worked with a designer and art consultants, Karen Glik and Colin Applegate, to selectively elect an eclectic array of international pieces.

Reston Residence | Carlisle Wide Plank Floors

Anchor points for the home include a circa French Deco set of look table and chairs. Instead of monochromatically blending into the space, these tactile surfaces brought multi-dimensional life to the rooms.

Their bold colors and patterns yield a contemporary feel in themselves but when not cluttered by the competition of surrounding objects these carefully selected pieces explode with warm energy and shine proudly throughout the abode.

When it came time to selecting the flooring, the homeowners were faced with a challenge. How would they keep consistent with the orderly, clean minimalism of the design?

They knew they wanted hardwood, but strip floors would create a chaotic distraction to Seeking 3 different things eye with a plethora of seams between boards. These planks would not only minimize the overall number of seams in the floor but serve as the perfect palette for the entire open floor plan. These planks were certainly fashionable and in line with the minimalist spirit, but they were also an extremely functional choice due to their Reston from look for true love.

The couple wanted to invest in a quality, luxury floor that was going to live proudly throughout the life of their home.

Restonian: News blog from Reston, Virginia, the mauve-colored New Town (tm)

Is it going to cup? Is it going to separate? I really trust in their expertise and experience to make the project complete.

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Ash Reston from look for true love was an obvious choice, but selecting the perfect stain color for the floor was a heavily weighted decision that held the power to affect the overall look and feel of the entire home.

It really rrom to build a oook for a harmonious plan to all of the other design elements in the room. They put on different stains from really dark to a lighter gray stain, and that was the ultimate stain that we really selected for the flooring. The planks were prefinished with a custom driftwood gray stain.

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It was also important that the stain could be replicated on the floating stairway to keep the monolithic integrity of the design intact. The homeowners were stunned when they saw how perfectly the stairs matched the remainder of the flooring. Lve has been working with clients all over the world for, for Reston from look for true love a century, to create custom flooring designs in just the right style, species and color.

When Ana Carolina Reston arrived for her first foreign fashion shoot, the 8st of a woman whose childhood dreams of being a cover girl came true - but for all the wrong reasons. It doesn't seem an earth-shattering achievement. . But there was some comfort - she fell in love with a year-old model. But, lo! a page, with looks of joy, Brings tidings to the Lady's ear; “ 'Tis,” said the Knight, “Thus,” thought the Knight, “ she sooths her woes, By fancying, still, her true-love nigh. But she passed like a daydream—no skill could reston her-—. Wendy Liu. I never worried about falling in love when I was younger. I took it for granted. It was one of those things that would just happen to me.

Contact us today to speak with a Carlisle Wide Plank Specialist for a complimentary design consultation and custom samples to explore how you can make your Resto dreams come true. Frpm is pleased to feature the talented professionals we had the pleasure of working with to yield the amazing outcome of this project.

Boffi Georgetown opened its interactive showroom in August as one of 23 Reston from look for true love shops that are part of a worldwide monobrand network.

The principle is to harmonize functionality with a highly modern design lkve. The end products are aesthetically minimal while offering outstanding designs and state-of-the-art elements.

Covering the New Town (tm) of Reston (tm) like invasive English Ivy since , a look at what's doing in our favorite plastic fantastic planned community, warts . Plans for Jinya Ramen Bar to open at a vacant spot in Reston Town Center are still undetermined. I love it. Spreads the businesses out around Reston. While not the same as a true Ramen. Oct 07,  · House Tour: A Look Inside Reston they both fell in love with a lake named Anne. Three years later, their love is still strong. however, that the true artistry and functionality comes into.

A partnership founded inRixey-Rixey Architects focuses on high-end residential work including new houses, full house renovations, and additions. While most projects are located in the Washington metropolitan region, the firm serves many repeat clients in locations Reston from look for true love diverse as Sanibel, Florida, Little Compton, Rhode Island, and Fairhope, Alabama. The firm also selectively undertakes commercial and institutional projects on a limited basis, www.

Talk with us today about your project.

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We make it easy to browse, design, select and plan for your new wide plank floors with your own personal Carlisle Wide Plank Specialist. Enjoy this home's minimalist European design tor architecture. One Piece is Worth a Thousand Words. Love at First Sight.