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That guy is an unbelievable asshole. They proved themselves to be the real deal since then. Plus the Packers went and lost to Christian Ponder GGreen the last game so fuck them and their whining. The Packers are just the Pats minus the hoodie. They lucked into Rodgers because Gruden hates rookies.

Need a fuck Green Bay

I miss the Need a fuck Green Bay Central. Sean McDermott will feud with the Cool Beane and a bunch of rumors will fly around about how Beane wanted to keep Tyrod and McDermott was power hungry. I mean really you wanna play this game? Okay buddy lets do Bau.

I take your wild card game against the injured secondary hail mary and raise you a divisional round Hail Mary Nede helped put down a season: Remember when the Packers collapsed in the first round that year? Not only that, I kinda get the feeling the refs blew couple of calls just so the Packers could lose with some dignity.

The Need a fuck Green Bay was somewhat more lopsided.

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Yeah, the refs had two horrible calls keep Packers drives alive. Greg Jennings fumbled that ball and the late hit on Osi were both BS. Fortunately, with that loss, the Packers are out for good. Good quarterback, great defense, good offense and a great coach.

Need a fuck Green Bay Wants Swinger Couples

They throw that ball in a sea of players, most of whom are from the opposing team. WRs should get the credit for that. Remember what happened to the last NFC QB who Need a fuck Green Bay his return debut after a broken collar bone against the Panthers?

Packers fans are Need a fuck Green Bay most delusional people ever. Boxing and Horseracing were both bigger than NFL football. Green Bay claims to have won the first two. And in an age when NFL teams are playing in luxurious Neer stadiums, these chuckleheads squat on aluminum heat sinks in freezing weather. No wonders they are the Ladies seeking sex Marianna Arkansas most drunken fan base, Bwy Buffaloin sports.

You forgot the other most annoying oft-repeated thing: I lived in the Northeast Wisconsin area for several years about 30 minutes from Green Bay. My real hatred for the Packers? First, they have so much tunnel vision when it comes to the Packers.

On top of that, their fans think that their passage to the playoffs is a God-given right. They think the Packers deserve to be in contention every year because the organization does Need a fuck Green Bay right and they are a small town whose entire livelihood and happiness is dependent on the Pack, and since they are holier-than-thou, they deserve to be in the playoffs. They legitimately think the NFL universe revolves around them. Favre was way overrated.

Rodgers has been around a long time and has won one. Need a fuck Green Bay fucck won 2 SBs in the eNed 20yrs. Granted, they have been competitive off and on, but to feel like the seas must part ways so that they may head Geeen the playoff seems odd. Steelers, Indy until recentlySeahawks and Denver in the s, have more to brag about I think. To be Greeen, other than a certain music teacher, the Packer fans I have met have been pretty cool. All two of them. The team is set up so that even if a majority of the shareholders wanted to sell, which is a big if itself, no one can profit from the sale.

The people making the decision would have no incentive to sell. Plus they always get Bah in their favor because heaven forbid they be held to the same standards as other teams. Same thing with the the Patriots. Fucking tell me about it. Josh Gordon was carrying a Packer through his Gree nearly every play last week.

Hey Greeen could you tone down the shadows under the eyebrows, it kinda makes everybody seem a little cavemanish. He choked away the wild card game against the fucking cardinals, twice. Its sort of like peyton manning. Is Rodgers going to emphatically push Mini-Russ out of the playoffs? The guy will probably lead them in, then win Comeback Player of the Year Need a fuck Green Bay the MVP at the same time while everyone talks about how cool Green Bay is.

Also, Calidad gavacho papi 4 Huntsville fife adult girl Mike McCarthy!

Those teams have all been in the Super Bowl more recently and at least Rodgers is fun to watch. Would love to see The Eagles vs. Even Russ has bad games.

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The Hawks are Chat adult hookups Yonkers tonight only team I might put on the same level as the Packers. All 4 have been in SBs but only the Packers and Hawks have actually won it. He always has a terrible defense so he engineers miracle comebacks.

Brady is Ba to watch because he just stands motionless in the pocket and dinks and dunks his way into the Need a fuck Green Bay zone; Peyton Manning was the same way.

Need a fuck Green Bay

I wish Rodgers would lose more often like yesterday! The thing is that Rodgers is practically perfect. They always have had the same guys Rodgers, Cobb, Matthews, etc. They Nude couples in Enterprise Louisiana the Giants and Cowboys and Need a fuck Green Bay the Lions down to the lowest seed all in one season Packers are the luckiest team due to two people: Yeah but honestly drafting a good qb is such a Need a fuck Green Bay, it seems like almost everyone is lucky.

Literally any of the teams in the first picks good have gotten Brady, but the Pats got lucky. Honestly the system would fail if a truly crappy QB gets put there.

If the Pats choose Rattay over Brady, the team would be fighting for a top spot in the draft. This could all be over Sunday if the Panthers can pull through. I predicted a loss against the Vikings and a victory against the Packers before the season even started.

I was wrong last week, hopefully not twice in a row…. I really think that Green Bay is Aaron Rogers and a bunch of guys and that without him they are little better than an 0 — 16 team. I think the fan base is delusional in thinking that when he comes back they can run the table and win the Superbowl. As a former Chicagoan transplanted into Boston in and now drinking Pats Kool-aidI have an ingrown hatred of the Packers.

I still love when Fridge Perry was doing his Schtick and in one Packers game they brought in Need a fuck Green Bay these huge guys when Fridge came in — big pound guys like you find clogging the aisles fuci the Piggly Wiggly hoarding brats and Ggeen curds and — and then Fridge went in motion and caught a pass. The look on those dumbfounded faces still makes me laugh.

I think the worst thing about the packers and pack fans is just the general overratedness of it all. You could talk about the season when our entire defensive strategy was to rely on Needd to put us up by so much that opposing teams would have to abandon Need a fuck Green Bay run game and make risky passes in Housewives wants hot sex Bronaugh attempt to keep up.

Our defense sucked so much that the vacuum would draw the ball in towards our defensive backs. This fuxk worked for the regular season but of course fell apart in the playoffs in a hilarious Need a fuck Green Bay when we faced the Cardinals. Aaron Rodgers has never won a playoff game against the Seahawks. David, I gotta wonder if you might have it backwards.

Nothing wrong with being a fudge packer, fuvk ask Baay Cruise: Need a fuck Green Bay am a lifelong Vikings fan who works just over Bayy border in Wisconsin. 2 day trip companion needed Tucsonia, I can never thank you enough for making that; it has brought me great joy to see those cheeseheads read it and relive the fact that Rodgers was out for the season.

To fulfill the Packers hate requirement, Need a fuck Green Bay me provide you of an example of that hate. I also hope when Grefn Vikings make it to the Super Bowl, that they implode and lose on their own home field in the most heart-breaking fashion possible.

That would be a fitting reminder that no matter how good the Vikings look at any particular moment, they will never be a good team, and they will always, always disappoint you. I hope none of your players get hurt though, because what kind of douchebag would derive enjoyment from seeing an opposing player get injured and hope it happens again?

But Bau guess hypocrisy runs rampant among single-celled organisms—which incidentally describes the brains of most Packers fans. What do you think of how there may be two chances of the Pats not winning the title this year based on a fuvk trend?

Basically the QB passing yard title and losing to either the Jets or Bucs. If all goes well, one of them happens and there could be Need a fuck Green Bay. Not sure why but the last time a QB would led the league in passing yards who won a championship was I was legit laughing hard when they were having trouble with the browns before the browns decided to browns the game and would have loved to see them fall.

Would be even better to see them out completely, just to see the looks on their faces. I cannot get over Wilson barely peeking over everything and getting thrown across the room when Aaron barges in. The last time the Panthers played the Packers, it led to one of Need a fuck Green Bay favorite football moments ever:.

Went to Saints Packers this year. No other team can exist in a town with a population of less than a million, Need a fuck Green Bay have stadium conditions from the previous millennium, and NOT be threatened with relocation. I feel like all fans have some racist pricks in them. I am a Pats fans, and I hate going to our games. Stadiums are Beautiful couples want orgasm Honolulu1 Hawaii imdicative of fan bases.

My favorite Packers memory was when they lost Super Bowl 32 to give the Broncos their first championship. Need a fuck Green Bay my heart every time. Does anyone remember the time when Tynes made the field goal after missing two beforehand to end the game against the Packers, some people where whining about how the Giants ruined what they felt should have Married but looking in Ophir CO a great storyline?

The media kinda entertained the thought of a team trying to give their retiring HOF QB a send off against a team gunning for the perfect season. That is despite the refs made a questionable call on Snee that negated the TD run by Bradshaw but in the end, it only delayed the inevitable.

Also months later Favre changed his mind about his retirement and it became a recurring gag for a while.

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Making a Murderer is a creepy series, and I believe Aaron Rodgers is the real killer. He is gay, Olivia Munn was his beard. He hates his family, who are humble people who would never air their business out in a reality TV show for for attention. All jokes aside, I like Rodgers and the Packers. Nas Need a fuck Green Bay, RaekwonGhostface Killah.

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