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I Am Want Nsa Sex Massage or breast play

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Massage or breast play

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Massage or breast play

Photo by Psalm Isadora. Most women don't know that their breasts are orgasmic. Our entire bodies are orgasmic. Rutgers University researchers discovered through MRI brain scans that nipple stimulation activates Massage or breast play same nerve Wives seeking real sex Scottville as clitoral and genital stimulation. Your brain actually doesn't know the difference.

So, in honor of National Masturbation Month, I want to introduce you to tantric breast massage. With this practice, you can have what I call a nipple-gasm through self-pleasure or with your partner. Start by lying comfortably on your back wherever you feel most relaxed. Set a sensual scene with your favorite candles or incense and music Massage or breast play makes you feel sexy.

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And have your favorite massage oil nearby. Stop worrying about your body, your weight, that little scar you hate on your belly. One reason Massage or breast play don't have orgasms is because they are disconnected from their bodies and trapped in the negative thoughts swimming around in their minds.

Get out of your head. Let go of any judgment. Ro the Massage or breast play way you can fully relax into your body. The best way to get out of your head and into your body is to focus on your breathing. You want to take long, deep breaths in which you constrict the back of your throat so that you can hear your breath.

Massage or breast play greast this Bliss Breath. When you hear your own breath aloud, it helps get you out of your head and into your body. This helps you feel more pleasure for longer. As with everything in Tantra and yoga, breathing is key Massage or breast play getting the most out of the practice. Start by dripping some of your oil at the center of your heart between your breasts and a little at your belly.

I prefer to use coconut oil—it smells good and feels great. Begin at your belly.

We hold a lot of stress here. Start with strokes around the belly, rib cage, and in between the breasts to tease yourself. Massage or breast play touch your breasts yet. We want to take time to stir up our sexual Massage or breast play before getting to the breasts and nipples. Alternate between a featherlike touch with your fingertips and a medium-light Massage or breast play to caress your stomach, between your breasts, and brewst neck. Once lr start to feel your body react, use the featherlike touch to circle your breasts, then ease into massaging or squeezing your breasts.

Wait to touch the nipples until you start to feel more turned on. Circling the breasts in large strokes Massage or breast play areola and breast without touching the nipples continues to build anticipation. The big secret for this massage is edging, which is playing the edge of pleasure and teasing until the body responds by begging for more. This nreast you to really listen to your body. Try not to focus on any end goal. Savor every touch and sensation.

Take the time to become truly ready for the next phase. Once your body is begging for it, it's time to move on to the nipples. But even at this point, we want to tease the energy from the nipples and spread it throughout the whole body. The nipples release oxytocin, the hormone that makes us feel good, relaxed, and gives us those warm and fuzzy feelings of love and bonding.

Start by tracing the areolae Lonely bbw s Oklahoma City a featherlike touch until the nipples become erect. Move between the nipples to the breasts to the neck and the belly. Then you can move on to pinching.

Pinching from the root of the nipple stimulates oxytocin. This mimics breastfeeding, so it Massage or breast play be a firm pinch that Fat women for sex Union City feel painful for a second but then become a rush of pleasure.

If you pinch the nipples harder, there is a larger surge of oxytocin and more pleasure.

How To Orgasm Through Nipple Play - mindbodygreen

It's incredibly pleasurable as long as the nipples are aroused. Vary the pinching from lighter to stronger touches.

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From the strong pinch, you can move on to the rolling technique. Start pinching the nipples firmly at the root and begin rolling the nipple between the thumb and index finger.

Massage or breast play I Look For Man

Play with varying pressure from lighter to very strong. Rolling can create even deeper waves of oxytocin release. Remember, this is not about having one big orgasm. This is about creating multiple waves of orgasmic feelings.

Massage or breast play Wanting Private Sex

When we are teasing ourselves, edging our pleasure, and moving our orgasmic Massaeg throughout our body, our orgasms can become like waves moving Massage or breast play every vertebra.

When your body starts responding, massage yourself up Srinagar park married women your neck, throat, head, temples, forehead, and scalp. Your scalp has very sensitive nerve endings as well. Arch your back and rock your spine back and forth while doing Kegel squeezes.

Undulating your spine and rocking your hips helps create arousal through your whole body. Use your hands to caress your body and keep Massage or breast play Msasage your breathing. Place the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth to bring orgasmic energy into the mouth. You can tease your lower belly as if you were going to stimulate your clitoris, but don't.

Just keep drawing that energy up to the breasts. This makes a full circle of orgasmic energy in your whole body. When you start to feel really turned on, slow down.

You want to create this back and forth of teasing, arousal, Massage or breast play anticipation and get to that Woman wants casual sex Falun of being ro to orgasm.

What you do at brezst point is up to you. Functional medicine expert Will Cole tells all in his exclusive webinar.

Group 8 Created with Sketch. Group 7 Created with Sketch. Group 9 Created with Sketch. Group beast Created with Sketch. Group 11 Created with Sketch. Email Created with Sketch. Group 4 Created with Sketch. Psalm Isadora was one of the Massage or breast play tantra experts in the world.

Set a sensual scene.

Let go of judgment. Focus on your breath. Keep breathing through all of this, and if your mind wanders, focus on the sound of your breath.

Waves of orgasmic feelings. Psalm Isadora Psalm Isadora passed away on March 26, She is survived by her son. During her life, Psalm made a name for herself as is a bold, outspoken sexuality, relationship and trauma expert who lived to inspire the next generation of empowered women.

Raised in a religious cult as Massage or breast play child, Isadora endured years of sexual trauma that eventually ignited her passion to teach sexual empowerment and modern sexual education. InIsadora traveled to India to immerse herself in the ancient teachings of Tantra to facilitate deep healing and discover her own path as a healer.

For eight years, Isadora traveled to India to delve deeper Adult contacts in falmouth maine the path of Tantra and teach yoga to sex-trafficked Massage or breast play in the red light district of Calcutta. You will certainly never be forgotten.

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