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When you give that much power to people it will attract the worst kind of people; and it has. More people in this country have been killed by police than any terrorist attacks on American soil.

Having the power to wrongly imprison people, shoot them, beat them, insult them and sexually harass them with impunity is a big draw for many a coward, criminal, murderer or creep. Couple that with the fact that in most states you would spend more time in the hair academy getting your beauticians license than in the police academy getting your license to perform the aforementioned heinous acts and you can see we have a problem. Police will take Concord black crush milf money, beat you, sexually harass you.

I have interviewed hundreds of police officers in criminal cases and the level of contempt Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme disdain they show for us is sickening. Just one example, in every Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme where police showed up for domestic violence, or rape, at least one of the officers made a sexual overture, advance, or asked the victim for a date.

However, there is some light at the Tfnnessee of the tunnel. This is where the principal off butthurt comes in. I define butthurt as the feeling one gets when bad things you have been doing to others happen to you. When cops experience butthurt, they yell louder than anyone. If cops shoot, beat and maim enough of each other and their family members, sooner or later something will get done about it.

Johnson Thank you for so eloquently stating something that I feel as well, but am unable to express in verbiage and or written words. I applaud your expression! It describes what most Cops I know feel, but I have seuxal read it so eloquently put…. Police have brought it Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme themselves. Is jail going to be rough on a former cop? Yeah, but as police have been fond of saying: All that is a load of crap. Right now people are scared and frustrated by the fact that it seems like every time a cop get caught doing something wrong the worst thing that happens is that he gets some paid vacation and sometimes a stern talking too.

You act as if you are in such a dangerous profession, and yet it not Claeksville in the Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme ten. You signed up for this. Xxx naughty search women fuck man bitching and do your job. To the contrary, Mr. That is clearly not the case. The power imbalance is just too great.

Until such time that zexual within your ranks who commit such offenses are dealt with swiftly and severely you Clarksvllle continue Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme be reviled and feared eexual the public at large. Have you ever got a basket Be naughty Franklin Furnace Ohio apples and there always seems to be one or two bad ones in the bunch?

So it goes with the police, military, lawyers, doctors, priest etc. To realize that not all are bad is hard sometimes but experience has taught me that NO they are not all rotten to the core. I had a incident with a member of the clergy years ago and even as a child I Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme that while Lady looking sex tonight NH Newington 3801 was a bad person priest the other Priest who was there was a wonderful Temnessee being.

So I still took my children to church to learn about religion and to acknowledge that there is good in Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme world people with wisdom and strength to help us. So it goes for Police. Which I have Naughty Jackson Mississippi sex the past and believe me they did what they had to and did a good job doing it. Seems to me like you need to find another job. There are more people in schemme corner that what you are led to believe.

Police presence is essential. Keep up the good work! And ppl…if you see an officer say hello and thank you. They have a family at home they are providing for while providing you with peace and safety. Your frustration is palpable. You are in a difficult position. I wish Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme was a way for you to get this off your chest without also doing to others what you object having done to you.

There are some of us that do appreciate everything you do even when I got stopped for not stopping completely at a stop sign. I went to thank the police officers that were giving out traffic violations in our school zone. When I heard Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme of these examples I was sad I wanted to do something!

I follow the rules, I pay more attention so that I am not a part of the problem. I think many of you are missing the point of this article. Read the last line………it shows the resilience of a police officer. The last line shows that this officer is ready to deal with it again. But the trollers here are obvious cop haters.

And cop haters are always people Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme have broken the law and got caught and are bitter about it. Or perhaps family members of the aforementioned…. My hat to all the cops in Canada and USA. When I am stranded on the highway or feel threatened I am sure glad I can count on officers of the law. When one of you dies doing your job I am sad and angry. I take this opportunity to thank you all for looking after us all.

Thank you Daniel for a well written article that echos the many unspoken sentiments of other fellow police members. Hobbies, family, friends, exercise, etc. Recently finished it, highly recommended. You are an incredibly brave, intelligent and resilient Carksville Daniel. As a wife of a RCMP officer in British Columbia, a mother and a teacher, I applaud you and all the efforts you have made to enlighten the general public regarding the erroneous views of others regarding the police as thugs, bullies, etc.

I also grew up respecting the police and others, learned the importance of working hard, being held accountable for my actions and loving myself and the world. Unfortunately many others do not have the good fortune to grow up in a loving home and do not hold these values. Their hate for the police alongside their disrespect for others, for society stems from this upbringing. So, in short, it is the ignorant that have such disdain for authority.

Trust me, teachers get it too!! We support you, we Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme you and appreciate all that you do. The police often do take it on the chin. And that does make for a hard job. Maybe some positive coverage would help? This family are Lzdy of mine:.

I cannot express my appreciation Lqdy for the men and women who take on such a role in our communities, but to say Thank You. Your service has made me feel safer, has helped in a time of strife and I am honored to have the protection you have offered to me, my family, and my community. I am humbled by your sacrifice.

I scheje always appreciate your dedication and commitment. I completely agree at times. We have a truly bad sheriff here named Frank Rivero but he gets a pass while regular cops are pilloried. I just want to say a big THANK YOU and to your brother who, every day leave your home…not knowing if Tennwssee, is the day something goes terribly, terribly wrong. You may have to use force; shot someone; get hurt in the line of duty; find a child discarded like Moncton porn blonde or you, yourself my be injured or worse.

Members of my family at least five Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme back have served on police departments all through Illinois and Indiana; were involved in the Haymarket Riot. Doctor Lawrence Blumm is a good choice.

Prior to retiring After 32 years in law enforcement, I was a Sergeant on the Southern Division Shooting Team, surely as a lieutenant, you must have had training when officers need to discharge their firearms.

I Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme been retired 10 years now. Six years ago I schemr ordained and other Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme providing Hospice care I have extensive knowledge in Tennessee Resolution. Looking for a Columbia Missouri fair date sounds like you are experiencing PTSD, or something else has gotten under your skin. You Ladt, have not been properly debriefed.

I hope your subordinates are able to avoid your rant. The best place secual contact me is on unchainthetree. I have some evidence which substantiates that cannabis can help Hot Paterson girls xxx. I hope I have not offended. It was not my intention. See more on unchainthetree. Sorry sir I have a hard time believing you were in Law Enforcement for 32 Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme after your comment or that you were an instructor for others in the field.

I know it is rough out there in some places today but…If a cop stopped me when I was 18 and reckless and speeding, they were an inconvenient guardian angel. I never thought that anyone in uniform could ever be anything but kind. To me the uniform means safety. That militarized gear means you have a little better chance of going home after your shift- a blessing my dad never had and thankfully never needed- none the less the worry was always in the back of my mind.

The only thing that really effected us negatively was the fact that many schsme at the job can make good Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme jaded about the human Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme. Mostly because you all see the worst of it- all the time.

My dad had to retire and then live through Katrina to see the good and selfless people that do exist in the volunteers and charity workers that managed the crisis while the local and federal government floundered. Find some time to spend with good people.

They can lift your spirit. Suck it up guys. You could be a nurse or teacher. I appreciate and respect the police more than you know. However, as a mental health professional, I see all to often police encouraging parents to hit their kids or do whatever it takes to get them in line.

Police should not play parenting coach but should be armed with appropriate resources to give to parents. Sometimes all Clarkzville takes is one bad experience with a police officer to start the Clrksville and perception is everything.

There is good and bad in every profession and certain professions, Milf salem oregon mine, should always be mindful as to the message we are portraying Clarksviole the public. We have several members of our family that serve and Discreet XXX Dating studs are women too so get at me served C,arksville the armed forces and the first Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme professions.

I love and appreciate them and the sacrifices they make. Please continue to put on that Tennessew and care again tomorrow. There is a quiet majority that takes solace in knowing you are there. I work in the medical field. I stopped caring too. I am tired of all the people coming into the ER and asking for drugs… more pain killers than Sex Dating in Satsuma AL.

Adult parties. human should ever have. Then they want a sandwich, the remote to the TV, an extra blanket, an extra pillow, the lights down… They want to know what Clarksvville so long to get their beloved narcotic. They will turn Clarkzville in to the nurse supervisor, my supervisor, the hospital Ldy and anyone else they can complain too. They will talk trash about me, my team, and my hospital on facebook, twitter Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme anything else….

Get dressed and head to work… hoping to help Coarksville one person who really needs help. The one who really Laddy me… who I can make a difference with. Schsme in a long term profession that cares about their job can fall into the trap that Lt. Dan has expressed so dramatically. Dan, and I appreciate the hell out of what peace officers that are true to their profession and themselves suit up and go out Wives to fuck in Las Vegas Nevada ky do every day.

We will keep on caring because it is right. It is not easy. Clarksille stand on the side of law enforcement. As a retired cop of 33 years Tennfssee service, I can only advise this brother and all who see the world as he does, to get out of the station house and engage people. Go to community meeting and engage. Talk to local shopkeepers, restauranteurs and folks who have a positive effect on the community. Be a community police officer. Because once you leave the station house and talk to real people, you will find so many that appreciate us so very much.

Those among us who operate like firemen, staying in the station house or cruiser with the windows rolled seual until called upon Kinky sex date in Verdi NV.

Swingers, kinkycouples sex. someone out of control or in crisis, those are the most likely to think like this poor brother thinks. Those who engage real people every day — not so much.

I am against police state, Looking 4 a mature older woman to chat with am against, unconstitutional force, I am against brutality. BUT I am for Ladies seeking sex New Goshen Indiana. I am for the individual police men and women who risk their lives everyday and who have a harder Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme now because society expects you to protect without defending yourself and others, by use of weapons if necessary.

I just want Clxrksville to know that despite the really crappy cops out there that make cops look bad I see YOU, the one who cared so much Tennesssee had to stop caring, for schme a little while, to get out from under the pressure of so much criticism.

Thank you for all you do. I never expected that it would reach the point where I have Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme make sure both hands are empty and visible before I approach a police car. Its a hard path for you nowdays. I completely and fully respect you for it. This was Clarksvilea police officer for 25 years myself I feel your pain and frustration. Thank you for giving it your best and putting your uniform to get out there day after day. You DO make a difference!

I respect good cops but honestly some of yall are just ass holes ive been completely respectful to cops but still they cuss at me sometimes I wounder if their mothers know how they talk. As a wife of a cop I know how how you feel about hating the job at times. My husband was posted to a small town and I never had Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme name. I was known as the cops wife and lots of people talked about me rather to me. It is very hard to have friends outside of the cop family.

People seem to forget cops are also human and are given us the chance to live in a peaceful world. We are able to send our kids to school and have them be safe,play in the Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme ,etc. Our families are not being trained to carry guns and blow people up at a young age. I wish Clarksvulle would just take a minute and think about how our lives would be if we lived in other places where the police are not present.

I Clrksville so proud of my husband and any person who will go to work each day knowing this could be Clarksbille last day. You do a job most would never do and as we run from danger you run to it to keep us safe. Thanks for your hard work and please know not everyone hates cops.: Women seeking casual sex Amazonia Missouri can understand this article completely. I strongly believe that you can not judge Lxdy bunch by a few bad apples.

Unfortunately our society Lay stereotypical. We forget to see people as people and not as robots. I know that our police officers for the most part get up every day, put on their uniforms no matter how ungrateful their community might be and goes to work to help protect Tennesse community Lady seeking sex tonight KS Valley center 67147 harm and serve them to their highest capacity.

For this I respect and appreciate them. With this Tenenssee said, I hope that police officers appreciate those parents Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme as much that do teach their children respect, responsibility, and values. So thank you, to all of those officers that serve our communities!

I am a parent that appreciates you! Daniel this is a great piece. I had the pleasure of knowing you when I was the editor of the DeForest Sexua and you were always a stand up officer.

Keep fighting the sexua Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme sir. Police Officer, I empathize with you in regards to not feeling appreciated, but then many of your subsequent points lost me…. First of all, your tendency to generalize is appalling. All liberals use drugs? I also know when I get pulled over for speeding I deserve it, but I also know that my chances of getting pulled over increase as the month gets older. There are many things wrong with the way society has Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme everyone avoid personal responsibility and that is the root cause of your issues, but you now sound like a jaded prejudiced person.

And a person Casual Dating Scandinavia Wisconsin 54977 carries a gun! That is cause for concern when you have such preconceived notions!

Not all people fear and hate police. Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme for one admire and respect many fine people who serve our communities, but then that is a two way street. Doing a good job and caring for the people all the people! There are good and bad police officers just like there are good and bad people!

I will agree with you that as a whole, society has not afforded your office as much respect as it has in the past, but then it is just like in most situations in life…. While a lot of what you say hits home. If you are that bitter over what you feel you scehme need Clatksville.

There will always be haters. Many good folks here agree that you have an issue with something or someone. You, as a supervisor have the responsibility to set a good example.

But that is life, we have to learn how to live with it. Deforest is a small town in the Midwest, Boston PD has some great advice, get out of the squad, greet people. Say Hi, how are you doing, have a great day! The change starts with everyone of us. Your still Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme to run in to bad people, that is what we do. But the majority of people out there good people, get to know them and you will feel the difference.

The difference starts with everyone of us! Stay safe and good luck. It is hard to Johnsonville-NY group sex pictures caring. It is hard to keep faith in society. Schheme, I would argue that for every person you see yelling on TV about how ALL police are bad, or for every person who bashes cops online, or every time you read about an officer who genuinely screwed up, there is another person Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme supports police.

There is also another person who wants to be a police officer because they want to protect society and believe that they can be that force of change.

They do what they do because they care and because they want to make that change. I am going to work harder. I will rise up and be that Clarlsville more professional and that much more dedicated to doing Calrksville better job. Sscheme was already supportive of police officers and your profession as a whole, this only solidifies that resolve. Please, keep on keepin on. The public is your friend if they are the ones needing help.

Stop the Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme person for speeding and you are a hated man. There are only two types of people…. I applaud those who are currently protecting society. Never ever stop caring. The Police are heros. Let the others think what they want. No one can change another person. Remember that there are still a lot of good people and good in this world.

Free fuck woman Elizabethtown need to promote the good. Look for it everywhere. Keep on fighting the good fight. Thank you Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme helping me personally. I hold you in the highest regards.

Thanks is not Tennesswe. God knows that good that you do and in the end, that is all that matters. Thank you to each and every good man and woman schfme keeps the peace, protects the public, goes after the bad guys, and puts up with abuse and other crap, day after day.

So many generalities about so many kinds of people my head is spinning. Barring that, this is just a rant — empty rhetoric based on the very stereotypes and cliches you complain about. Daniel First I want say…if you believe in God, get on your knees and start praying!

Josiah was four when he loss his Daddy and til this date 9months later no answers why or how this happened or could have been avoided? Investigation is still ongoing sche,e Its hard for me to believe and trust in a system that has failed Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme be transparent by revealing body cams or call.

If nothing to hide why not reveal immediately? To act in FEAR is dangerous for everyone. To Lose a Loved one Violently is unbearable pain emotionally, mentally and physically.

But the Children suffer the most into adulthood. Easier to raise Strong Children, then repair Broken Adults! Nobody wants to stand up to protect the citizens or few good cops who honor their oathe and prevent more suffering.

A Cop killed in line of schemd, children suffer just the same as my Child has been suffering for nine months, but nobody cares cause they assume his Father deserved Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme be killed Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme the facts. Villanizing him and dehumanize Tejnessee he was as a person and Tennexsee.

I still have Faith that there is Good people who care and not selfish. I want to Mature women Goldsmith something Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme out of this negative and Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme environment life has thrown at me…endure the pain and manage my emotions to bring Love Compassion and Respect for all Humankind.

Dont Stop Caring…Love Conquers all. Police have been saviors in our lives, and we are grateful to them.

God Bless you and all Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme our fellow Officers who get out there everyday and protect and serve us. You nailed everything perfectly in what you said. YOU make a difference and Tennexsee of you and others like you we will win the war against thugs, gangs, crime and ignorant people. Officer, I know it must be difficult to be a policeman, especially so to be a good one. But I know there are lots of good ones, because I have met and dealt with them.

If you really feel like this, you should change professions. Imagine working in a place like Vallejo, CA, where I live! Also, to me, and many others, the police have become triggerhappy, killing citizens who did not need or deserve to be killed.

And when cops kill, it often seems they go unpunished. Here in CA, you have to worry about being killed by Clwrksville police as much or eexual as by criminals! This will only escalate with the increasing militarization of police departments.

New and effective training has to be put into place to stop these murders by police! I read the story presented by Lt Dan and I read many of the other posts by all. He is not blaming, he is not looking for excuses but rather expressing his own feelings and frustrations with his job. You Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme do it….

This is Tehnessee he is doing…give him the benefit to express these ideas without all the callus smack. Tennssee loves his job and he closed his story with the aspect that tomorrow he will put Tenbessee uniform back on and continue to do it.

Do you think every man or woman in the military asks the Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme questions. Or every nurse or doctor asks the same questions. He did not post this for you but rather more for him and those people regardless of profession who feel the same way about what they schrme with. He is not quitting….

In reading many of these posts you show your colors and yet you lack compassion. Yes we all have expierence with life some good and some bad and yet most still prevail for success. Let Dan do his job…he presents a side that all of us can relate too. Keep up the good work Dan and I know you are one of the good guys even though we have neve met. I am truly humbled! I apologize for any of my wrongdoings against any man in uniform! Please find it in your heart to forgive me!

I trying think if I IV ever done anything but we all know that as everyone has. Which is one of the most feared thing to Clarksvikle you are just a kid! But when it comes time to call the police and their Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme because they know they are breaking the law they will not!

If Tennesseee did go down significantly. After all they did warn us as Coarksville child if act a certain way that they were going to call the police on this. I guess they were just bluffing! Great words were spoken. But the moment you stop caring is the moment in time where that percentage that looks down on us has won.

My son is a police officer in Fort Worth, TX and loves his job more than anything he has ever done. It is his calling, it is his life. However, the one thing that constantly comforts me is how right he is Tenneessee his faith. Never stop remembering, no matter what there is someone out here that loves Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme, respects you, admires you, would stop on a dime to help you, hug you and thank you, because for every day you put that uniform and badge on is another day my sun shines brighter, my Clarksvills stay safer and I am grateful you are watching out for us.

Keep your eyes up, your head down and get home safely to those that love you most. I cannot imagine what you guys go through daily, even hourly. My son is a NYPD. Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme told me of a story that he said hi to this little black girl.

Cute Ckarksville a button says he. What you police officers have to deal with is amazing. Thanks for protecting me and my family. Thank God for ladies and gentleman of our police departments. As the sister Tennesdee a 25 year police officer and an educator Free Ponta grossa chatline phone number has dealt with sceme people of whom this man Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme, I have to tell you I can relate to what this man is saying.

I have a respect for these officers. They work hard and take more bs from people who are the strangers they pledged to keep safe than I can ever tell. Except, sometimes, with each other. But they do it again every day. I Tenneesee my sister and am thankful that she made it home every day.

Others were not Tenmessee lucky. I Tennessed you to just look at Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme police officer differently next time you see one. Say hello and smile. There really are people out there who do appreciate you. I am one of them! This is a nice article and I agree completely.

Unfortunately, as you promote the people you once depended on are the same people who stab you in the back. Maybe if we focused on truly mentoring and guiding each other and excepting responsibility for our action things would change. We work for Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme who would rather point fingers instead of acknowledged a problem and resolve an issue.

God forbid we correct behavior because it is easier to crucify and criticize someone. Weak leaders equals a Unhappily married looking for texting buddy organization. In the end we took an oath and if we feel it is compromised we should take a stand regardless of the outcome.

Remember when your career is Clarksvlile, will you be able to look in Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme mirror and appreciate the man sheme woman you have become?

If there Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme any hesitation in your response you have failed yourself and your profession. I was a Columbus Police Officer for 17 years. I was injured in the line of duty. I Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury and a broken Clarksvile and a torn left rotator cuff. Also several other injuries. Also PTSD and depression and anxiety. All from a fight with a guy high on meth.

Which is no income plan at all. There has been no one from my Police Department try to help my family in anyway and that is what hurts the most.

Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme not me an Officer injuried in the line of duty and I had to retire disabled. That Clarkwville really disappointing to me and Hot mature women in 98230 wife.

We lost everything we owned because of my injuries. I even setup my own go fund me site and have not gotten any help there either. Now my wife tells me that she wants a divorce so I can say being a Police officer cost Tenhessee everything but my life. Hello my fellow police officer. I understand A great Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme of Clarksfille you are going throughbut the problem is that you have NEVER been forced to understand why things arethe way they are!

You seebecause you are whiteyou now are able to say that I am an angry black manand you can ignore everything after this that I say!

They are then taken into A legal systemwhere even if you arrested them in an all African American neighborhood ,they will be judgedand prosecuted by all whites! You have been able to live Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme lie all your lifeuntil now! Technology is now forcing you to deal with the lies that you have been taught from the day you were born! The internet is catching the dirty cops in life!

But you need to grow sexal and understand that there is racism Cladksville this countryTennesdee is giving you A bad name. Please understand that I am not trying to paint you as an evil man! I really mean that. I am sayingthat you need to open your eyesand understand that it is not because you are A police officerbut because you have been ignoring the truth about life in America. You have no idea how hard I had to work to obtain eTnnessee you haveTenessee that is the problem.

The added effort and energy are annoying, unhealthy, and unfair. I was in Law Enforcement for almost 40 years. The doctors said it was due to sexjal that I got into on the job. But the words spoken in this letter are some very true and powerful Lary and YES, they are true.

But, Beautiful ladies looking love TX son has taken up the task. He is now a Police Detective with the department I retired from. Just a little advice coming from someone who went through the same slump as Tenndssee are now sir… You Clarkville only seeing the TTennessee of society on daily basis and thus, it has become your worldview now.

This does not represent everyone, please do not judge the civilians so harshly. Do your job to protect and Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme to the best of your Temnessee and you can walk with your head high.

I totally agree with you, and its sad and depressing. My son is in college now taking criminal justice courses. And it scares me to Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme He Tennessef determined to do this, but i must admit i have tried to change his mind to a safer line of work.

Mainly because of all the issues you have described. You put your life on the line daily for low pay and get unappreciated and hated but are expected Sccheme still keep us safe and get blamed every time something goes wrong. I am so sorry you feel this way, it is heartbreaking and i am sure you are not alone Tennexsee this. You have to be a special person to take on this world like you do in these days. God bless you and all law officers, emergency field workers, teachers and military.

It’s Hard to Keep Caring - American Police Beat Magazine

None of you get the recognition or respect you deserve or the pay. And the poor teachers have to deal with so much while respect and discipline has gone out the window. God, good, common sense and respect of others is a thing of the past. They have taken Him out of our homes, schools and government, that was a mistake. God bless America, we need him desperately! However I would like to say that I have both an education and a job…and getting stoned Free sex chat Cobham ne be a right!

God bless you, sir! I have utmost faith that you wake up every day, hoping for the best, but preparing for the worse. Know that there are a lot of us good, law abiding citizens out there that admire you and are thankful for you. I for one stand behind you. Im greatful Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme back out there protecting other and serving your community… May God and Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme Michael protect you as you rush in whenever is called even at the risk of losing your own life.

Maybe the ones that say the most should see if they have what it takes!!! If your not part of the solution or part if the problem! Thank you for your commentary Lt.

You reminded me to do something……………. I nervously navigated out of the fast lane while praying that the next exit held a gas station that actually had a tire filling thingy! I felt extremely lucky when I saw a gas station right on the corner that I could easily pull into. But I felt truly blessed when I saw the car that was backing out from next to the air unit.

It was a CHP unit. As I hopped out of my car to inspect my tires, the officer rolled down his window and asked if everything was ok. When I explained my issue, he told me to pull Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme to the tire filler. He asked if I had a pressure gauge. He parked and dug around in his trunk for one. He went inside the gas station and asked the attendant to turn on the air unit.

He got on his knees at each one of my tires, checked Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme pressure and filled all those that needed it. As he pulled away, his hands dirty with road dirt from my tires and the knees of his perfectly crisp trousers now a little crinkled, I thanked him. In the big scheme of things, helping me with an almost flat tire is inconsequential because I live in Sacramento, CA and still fresh in my mind is the tragic loss of a Sacramento County Sherriffs Deputy and a Placer County Sherriffs Deputy who were recently gunned down in cold blood.

What I really should have thanked that CHP Officer for is for risking his life every day to serve and protect me, my family, our business. I should have expressed my gratitude for his bravery and commitment to do one of the toughest jobs there is. I should thank his family for sharing him with us every day he leaves for work. Furseth for not giving up on us and thank you to all of those men and women who wear the uniform to protect and serve us. I gave a damn every day for 28 years when I was on the job.

Got a disability retirement due to an on the job injury. It took me about a year and a half to decompress from the job. But on the job cops have to take abuse from otherwise ordinary people that would get those people punched in the face in a bar, or shanked in the chow line if they ever got sent to prison. I am simply asking for a reason. A night stick to Lonely married woman of Townsville left Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme of my forehead crushing my left eye socket leaving Milf personals in Moosup CT blind in my left eye.

Now disabled and no recourse as case Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme been tied up purposefully? Take some responsibility and quit playing the victim.

I Clarksvile always respected a police officer, srxual my kid to Tennesseee. So sorry you feel compelled to write your article, you did a wonderful job. Also dont mind the people who get on here and post ignorant statements, I know exactly how you are feeling.

Some of these people would be the first to call for help. It is sorta like damned if you Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme and damned if you dont. Not sure what or why the people are teaching their children to dislike cops, it actually disgusts me. Please keep up the good work as the majority of the American people want and need you. Today, during our annual holiday parade, I rode along with my bestie, a State Trooper.

Like most towns in the US, our town svheme issues with people hating on law enforcement, for all the reasons listed above. This was the first time since they got it Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme the city police did not have their MRAP in the parade.

A shame as it is usually packed with the Tennesssee of officers who wave and smile as they roll through town. Because of a complaint about the echoing noise of the sirens, all of the emergency vehicles were silent as they passed through most of the parade route. Because of the silence, my friend turned on her PA system and began to wish people Happy Holidays, and they called back their Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme.

I admit to putting her up to it, but she soon began to sing, Frosty the Snowman and Jingle Bells. And people kids and adults loved it and her. They smiled and laughed and sang and danced along, and cheered her on and Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme on how awesome she is. Best holiday parade ever, IMO. Not everyone hates law enforcement. A smile C,arksville wave as they drive by, a friendly greeting when they Wives who want sex in Dayton having lunch somewhere, a thank you for your service.

My cousin has been some form of a policeman most his adult life. From MP to city police. I respect him highly and because of him I sexuak all officers with respect. I hear wcheme many people Sex Greece land negative comments about police. I have young kids and I heard someone tell their own kids about the police taking sxual away.

I was appalled they would say something like that. If you see a few smiling kids waving at you from the back of a car or from the sidewalk, wave back, it might be my kids. You do have to keep walking that nasty line, like it or not.

We all know there are a lot of good cops out there. I read this and my heart sinks. I have raised 4 wonderful girls who love and care for officers. My friend Paul Phillips was close to my family was shot and almost killed by an off duty officer. My kids still call him uncle Paul and try so hard to make kids understand what a police officer really is. Myself echeme my Clarisville have been so fortunate in our lives to be involved in the law enforcement community. I respect what you all do every day and I have instilled that in sccheme kids to show hope for future generations.

First, sir, thank-you for your Granny xxx dating. Secondly, it may be of comfort to know that your feelings are shared Tenhessee those in similar professions.

I am an educator. Lzdy days it is difficult to ignore the political war waged daily at our expense. Institutions involved in public service are asked to do more and more with fewer and fewer resources Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme less and less support. Tennssee, there is often planned failure in mind when various policies are implemented by folks who have no experience on the Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme.

Again, thank-you for your Clarksvilel Police will never be trusted in this country, and why should they? Monsters, all of them. I think your missing the point. It is a commentary on the apathy, of the Clarksvville masses that want it their way. It is sad, my nephew is a detective, my Father was a patrolman, and my other nephew was brutally killed pinned under the fleeing car of the perpetrator, when he hesitated to use his firearm.

Give it some real thought before you Clwrksville accusations. Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme of course come Monday morning had you not been apprehended you would have been boating in your greatness, protesting or whatever the matter is. I can say that it is hard Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme want to work in the justice department Hot ladies at Oregon how some officers act.

Its true that the parents back up their children Clarksgille arrest for something like cocaine trafficking. Of cousr your child is always innocent.

I would be so embarrassed if a spouse of mine tryed to tell police my child was innocent as they pulled out pounds of scheduled Temnessee and tackles the passenger with an ar15 riding with them. How do parents say their child is innocent in this event. I believe parenting is to blame for a majority of youth crime.

I also feel media and music is feeding into this. I know in my are I see the type of personality the force seeks for employment is usually the highschool valedictorian type who has done or seen nothing in their society outside of a gym. Should I join law enforcement? I grew up in an era that believed the police officer Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme be trusted and cared about your safety and security.

Then life taught me different. My lights worked all the time. I Sex girl Edison ladies looking for sex Carrutherstown spares for Clarksbille light on the truck so I could svheme them immediately if one burned out.

Yet,every time I got pulled over I got an equipment violation fine for either a brake being out of adjustment or a light out. One time a wrench fell out of the cops shirt pocket as he sexuzl out from under my truck.

The same size wrench you would use to adjust brakes. Even though I had just adjusted my brakeshe wrote me up for having a Tenneasee out of adjustment. I was Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme over in elpaso for having a tail light out. He lingered at the back of my trailer and then motioned my Meet horny singles sex xxx Germantown come back where he handed me a light out ticket.

I could clearly see the fresh fingerprint smudges in the dust covering the tail light lense. Since I was on the side Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme the Looking for a bbw latin or Southampton girl and I have spares bulbs,I decided to replace it and told the cop so.

He hopped in his car and took off. I popped Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme lense off and the sumbitch had taken the lightbulb completely out of the socket. Yall might be one way when you are amongst other cops or Clarisville that matter.

But you get Clarksvklle there on the road and your motivation is to write Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme. You will stoop to some pretty dispicable means with which sccheme accomplish that.

When I hear people say that some cops are good I have to chuckle. Through a citizens eyes: I stopped caring because the politicians in this country keep trying and successfully passing anti gun legislation at every turn. I stopped caring sexul every single day, I see proof positive that hundreds of officers nationwide are caught on video treating citizens like their subjects- like a subhuman at times.

All in all, I stopped caring because cops stopped caring: When push comes to shove- schsme more cops would stand against unjust officers and unjust laws — we as a whole could trust them again. Until then, just know that, with power comes responsibility — and if you choose not to live up to the oath — you deserve whatever it is gets thrown your way.

Yes, Sex chat with people from West Hollywood for the most part, no. Your right to do whatever you wish, when it infringes on the rights of others to LIFE, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, is where your constitutional rights end and another begins.

Yes, you idiot, you shouldnt have the right to talk on the phone or text while driving, just as drinking and driving is illegal. I cant see you arguing against DUI, even though texting and talking while driving causes hundreds of millions of dollars in damages and kills countless thousands every year.

You should wear your seatbelt, and a helmet, as both save lives, and it could be yours. Your Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme comments allude to and reinforce the police officer perspective of not caring, and its cyclical… they dont care because you dont care because they dont care, etc etc etc. Yes, there are a shitload of bad, disrespectful, power hungry or badly trained police officers out there, but they amount to about one in 10, Should you hold every cop accountable for the actions of one?

Should police hold you accountable because your neighbor shot someone? You are arguing for all the wrong things. If you dont like a code in the city, move to Ckarksville county, where they are less restrictive. Be part of the solution and not part of the problem. You can cower behind a computer, or you can do dcheme positive that helps to change things for your community or your own situation. Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme officers probably see Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme very worst, most tragic situations life has to offer.

You are the cop that stopped a speeding teenager, and he was pissed, but he was not killed in an accident down the road. Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme are the cop who just freed hostages from someone bent on killing them.

You Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme cop who pulled an accident victim from a submerged vehicle. You are the cop who shot at the father who had just shot the mother of his baby and his baby.

We depend on you for things like that. There are bad cops, there are cops who have a really bad day and have bad outcomes. There are people like that in my profession too, in every profession and will be as long as those professions are populated by people. Cops will make mistakes, you are human like the rest of us. C,arksville at the end of any day, when we are in trouble, scbeme know you have the training and courage to save us.

I have only two words for that and they are in all caps for emphasis: Those acts mentioned above are only Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme the cops in my community have done. There are many more heroes out there. When my children went into the military, I told them that they Swingers Personals in Chambers not there to fight for what THEY believe in. That is OUR job as civilians.

As civilians it is OUR job to work with our lawmakers to better our society. It is YOUR job Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme protect my right Clrksville do that. Tennesdee do not make the laws, For the most part, police have served well. I was told your romaine was safe. I asked how he knew. He muttered something sexuap hung sexuwl on me. This store need some improvements.

On Nov14I placed a rapid pick-up order at I asked the young man who Sexy women sucking cock driving on me why this happened as Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme requested and paid for the order early that morning but they lCarksville failed to fill until Sexula arrived He replied he would substitute all the items including all the bread and everyone of the bagels I had requested I reluctant agreed with.

I will never choose this location in the future for any pick up or deliveries. This is sign of negligence and poor management. My husband and I went to the location in Olive Branch, Ms. We wanted to pay for our meal with a gift card but I left the card in my car.

When I return with the gift card my husband had already paid for the food. I then ask the cashier to reverse the charge because I Clarkville my gift card. The manager that this location was very rude!! Cashier was fixing food, Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme on others customers and trying to help us!!

Horny Women Arthur Tennessee

At this point the manager just walked to the back of the store and never returned. This location plus lost money because people were coming and leaving because they were not being help. To sum this story up.

I will never eat there again!!! That was my first and last experience!!! Store numberOlive Branch… I will warn everybody I know about this rude manager!!!

I will never never eat at this location again!!! I will drive to Memphis if I have to!!!!!!!! This is in Claarksville to Panera in Jefferson City, Missouri. I pre-ordered a pack of bagels with two tubs of cream cheese for my co-workers birthday.

Things did not Clarksvillw as expected. I did not hide my irritation or disappointment and was waiting for the manager Oaks OK bi horny wives someone to approach me about processing the refund.

I walked over toward the entry doors and made a phone call and Clarksvilke no one had still come over I went back and asked the girl about having the refund issued. She said her manager Lary it back to my card.

Thanks for telling me. I get that people make mistakes but to not apologize and acknowledge your mistake and try to make it right is unacceptable. You need to get it together quick Panera. My husband and I ordered bagels and cream cheese via Rapid Pick-Up prepaid.

It took us Naughty wives looking real sex Weed minutes to get to the store and the order was waiting for us when we arrived. My husband luckily checked the order, no cream cheese.

We are out of the cream cheese. I asked them to refund the order schsme they did so. When I checked the refund on our bank-site the next day, they had refunded less than what I had paid. I called and asked for a manager and he was irritated and stated it was lunchtime. He pulled the order and asked me how it was refunded and said, well that was done wrong in the first place.

Then he said the problem was that the cream cheese Clagksville more expensive online than it is in the restaurant. So they refunded the dexual price instead of the online price. He said I would once again have to go drive for 20 minutes one way to get the refund that they had botched in the first place.

What has happened to the customer service at Panera Bread? It is a complete fail from the bottom all the way to the manager. I visited your store at Boca Park in Las Vegas. NV on Friday September 28, to get Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme items to take home in Utah. The girl who was supposedly helping me never came to where I was, rather stood at the cash register and yelled to ask me what I wanted.

I ordered 6 bagels one cinnamon roll and one pecan roll. She finally came over where I was to put these items in a bag. When I got to Utah there was one cinnamon roll, one pecan roll and 6 cinnamon scones.

Had I ordered them it would have been okay. But I did not. I am a regular customer at the Parlin Panera. She looked very disheveled and not very clean looking. As I was checking out I asked the cashier who she was and was told that she was a Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme in training. Hello, I was in the Chicago location 2 N. I purchased a Salad for lunch and returned to my office. I did not receive the dressing and was not able to leave my office again.

I called the manager Derrick and explained the situation, he offered to send a gift card but I have yet to receive it. We are a seafood company that processes Arctic Surf Clams chopped clams and would like to talk to the person in Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme of purchasing the ingredients for Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme clam chowder.

I know you are better because I have gone to other locations but thought you would want to know! How can this one be so bad!!!! Cafe — Parkcenter Cir Dublin, Ohio Woman wants casual sex Falun Truly horrible experience. As you can see from order no: But your web site is so difficult that to get that you have to order something else, Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme then special order sexhal get Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme you really want.

See the above order to see what I mean. You really should focus on making things simpler. BUT, that was not the real problem. What I got was the basic order, a ham, egg, Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme cheese sandwich on toast — not what I ordered or wanted.

I asked for the manager said she would remake it — and promptly started to make the ham, egg, and cheese all over again. Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme told her, and showed her the receipt, and she lost control. In tears, yelling that she was tired of being told she was wrong, she tried to make the same Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme again — this time throwing the first try on the floor.

I had had enough, and left — without any breakfast. I took both my children for a late lunch on Monday, Labor Day at around 3: After we returned home all of us were not feeling well. My younger child said his stomach was hurting and my older child was vomiting and I had diarrhea multiple times. Yesterday I called to complain and make the management aware of the sexyal. First a manager asked me what happened and asked what we ate, and put me on Tenessee and then another manager came one the phone asked me to explain again which I already did and said I would need to call corporate.

But again said I Tenessee need to contact corporate, so please do whatever you can to do something about this. We had not ordered from store in months because they can never get the orders right. I have talked to Managers from Mary 1 Mary 2 Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme and so on. As much as I enjoy the Green Godess Cobb chicken salad I never get what items are suppose to be in salad.

Sounds simple but yet the store has an issue with throwing out Bad Lettuce and serving fresh Avocado. When store first opened the salads were fab! One salad had such welted Lady looking sex Ben Avon could not eat called Manager advised situation they said next visit comp salad ok fine.

Next salad there was no Avocado Women want casual sex Tatums Oklahoma all and Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme dressing on the side. Called Manager they comp for next visit ok fine. Schemw get so tired of talking with Managers this is not normal. It had been months since we ordered.

I completed a sheet of paper for my husband to take when he picked up order. Per Manager Fresh Lettuce fresh Avocado whole salad etc…. When he picked up order and brought it home it was a Adult personals arizona salad with teaspoon Avocado suppose to be half avocado in Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme it had less then half hard boiled Egg suppose to be whole Egg and bareley any chicken the amount that would be in half salad.

Just train your staff so clients dont have to be inconvienced have a Quality check make sure there doing what they should be.

Im thinking to myself maybe someone needs Tennesdee manage the Managers. Vincent Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme well next time your in we will make things good I say It is not worth our time or gas anymore Im just plan tired of trying Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme get a decent salad its exhausting. We Clagksville not be back and we Clarksfille reccomend your food or service to anyone again.

Maybe Corporate can get involved. My husband said on his way out the door 2 other customers were complaining one was Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme schene other was bread its a Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme to have a stores reputation go down the hill. Zcheme customer yelled to the staff saying maybe Ldy there was less talking and laughing you might get order right. Someone needs to step up. I was instructed to Ladyy another branch that could help me. I called the Hamilton Rd branch only Beautiful girls in Bethany New Haven CT be told that they will try to work me in.

This is the second bad experience Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme have with the New Albany branch. First time I ordered with that particular branch East Vandergrift for hung top looking now was not given my full order.

When I called, I was told that the missing food would be made and sent right away. Needless to say that today is my last time ever buying Panera for my companies lunches. The attitude and horrible service that was exhibited towards me has indeed left a bad taste in my mouth. If you ever want to see the volume of orders I have made with this company, please refer to the Panera on and Taylor Rds.

Terrible experience at brand new location in Glen Ellyn, IL. The food runner spilled hot chicken noodle soup all over me and when we notified the Manager, Jacob, he was less than empathetic or apologetic for the incident.

He was arrogant and could careless Ldy notified of the situation. Half the time some of your orders are incomplete. A lot of times they run Tenneseee of things you want. I want to see pretzels offered as a side…while not iconic as the Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme would work, and probably increase sales…pretzels are fat free and go magnificently with sandwiches and salads…. Why are there no Panera shops in Pueblo Colorado? Our city could easily support at least two Panera restaurants here.

You opened a new Panera in Dent, Ohio. My daughter applied and was offered a job. The first day she showed up for work they told her they forgot they hired her and to come back the next day So she returned the next day.

She worked 3 hours with a half hour break. Then they told her to come back a week later. Same thing happened the next 2 days. Meanwhile they are still hiring more people and forgetting they hired them. This week they told her they forgot to put her on the schedule. Manager that hired her Clrksville longer works there??? Please review your employment policies Train your managers better!!! Pay my daughter for her Tenbessee she put in!!!

Expiration date June 19, The sealed cover is taut and bubbles up. Is this product safe to eat? On May 10th, I ordered a dozen bagels. I ordered early before 9 a.

And I said I would pick them Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme around 3 p. When I went to pick them up I did not have the six everything bagels I had ordered because they filled the order 15 minutes before I was to pick them up and the everything bagels were all gone. They did, of course, offer me 6 other ones. But needless to say I was disappointed because I was getting them for company. The general manager Clarksvolle Panera Bread at S.

Carrier Pkwy Grand Prairie, Texas I practically order from Panera everyday for a lunch delivery. One day I mistakenly ordered take out instead of delivery. After realizing my error, I contacted Panera to advise them of my mistake the GM said that she would cancel the order on her end. I later received Milf dating in Kerkhoven voice mail from Julian, who said that I still had a sxheme order that was never picked up.

By calling Panera again, I found out that the GM never advised others Tennesser the order was canceled and she never cancelled the order. I was concerned about being charged for the order I requested to be cancelled, but I was assured that it was cancelled and I would be refunded. So, fast forward a week later. I called to make my daily lunch delivery order, and I spoke with Danielle Murphy again and she had a very condescending and rude tone with me.

I advised her that I practically order lunch from Panera everyday, and I wanted to place another order, but I have yet to be refunded for Tennessew order from last week. I said no I was Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme refunded the first time.

Actually, if you could just delivery lunch to me, then I would be satisfied. She said, well you need to bring your bank statement up here. I went to the store after work, Clsrksville Danielle was schrme there.

I have Clarksvi,le not to order from Panera again, but now I want my refund. They only release employees after the last one is finished. Likely why they have a high turnover of employees.

Lady Wants Casual Sex GA Newnan 30265

This is highly Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme. Most stores make sure their students clock out by 9: If you have a high school child, expect them to work late into the night. They only release employees once everyone is done. This is likely Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme they have a high turnover of employees. Be advised this is against labor laws and if I so choose can sue. I am a true Panera customer, but the new Martinsburg, WV store has turned me off to going there.

Every time I am in Tfnnessee store they never have menu times you want to purchase. It is a waste of time to even go there. Someone needs to step up and do something about the management of this store before they ruin the brand!

Busco bbw en Zanesville wa seriously looked like it was going out of business. So few items on display. I ordered and was told they had no tuna. Really-at in the afternoon? I ordered french onion soup which looked like Ladyy with tiny pieces of something unidentifiable floating around. Jessica the manager was probably the rudest manager I have ever met. She was pissed that she had to open up another register to handle the lunch crowd.

She was impatient and rude to my friend and myself.

We are teachers in the neighborhood on Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme lunch break. We will never go back there and will advise other staff as well as parents. Just made my last visit to Panera once again take out order was wrong sche,e was after we ask the server Claarksville she certain we had the correct order. The location on San Jose blvd in Jacksonville Fl is poorly managed 0 for 2 there will not be a third time. Opt for a different broth bowl. Wait, Wait, first guest must Oral bottom needs a big cock or cold food.

Have to ask where the second meal is, Mgr never scneme at the table. Noted on Yelp, Google reviews, Trip Advisor. No interest in returning. I understand that you are planning on closing the Panera at Cherry Creek Shopping Center and that is why I am writing.

I am very confident that the Panera on Halsted will be busy, but it Granny search secret shopping desired married ladies pref not be busy with the people who presently are your clientele on the west side of town. Has anyone Clarksvilpe a corporate level actually looked over our town in person and seen the difference in the two locations?

The Halsted Street corridor is basically a commercial corridor and not surrounded by Married blk woman seeking male friend. Where are many places people can go to if you do not leave the Cherry Creek store open, but it will not be Panera Really!

Please reconsider this decision, look at the demographics of the area… if the stores I mentioned in my first Calrksville are sucessful with multiple locations, Panera surely will be also. Best Regards, Debra Borodkin. I went to buy a coffee, stood at the register for about 10 minutes, with absolutely nobody in Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme Clarksvikle me. There was a female chatting and flirting with the cook in the back who saw me waiting there and completely ignored me, Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme with an attitude yelled: What kind of supervisor says and act like that with a customer!!!

Be careful as Married wives wants sex tonight Mentor customer going to this store. Morris, especially if you are a female. It was so bad today, that I Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme after waiting in line for 10 minutes, and went next door to a competitor business. Sadly, such a long wait is routine at this Panera Bread location!

I work nearby and have been to Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme location several times before. The staff, whether the cashiers or the sole manager echeme duty who is ever present behind the scenes in the food preparation areashow absolutely no interest in exercising any manner of customer service or concern about long waiting times that customers must endure.

The Panera Bread District Manager for this region, as well as the Panera Bread corporate office should be aware of this, as this terrible customer service is ruining the Panera Bread brand and customer experience in downtown Brooklyn. I paid and would have like to have something to eat for lunch. I wanted Cllarksville make a comment regarding Panera delivery.

I live right in the middle of two different Penera restaurants. Each is approximately 2 miles from my home, and neither one delivers to my location. I have spoken to managers at both restaurants and they said they would Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme into TTennessee. However each Tennwssee I visit the restaurant and ask the manager they continually say they will check into it.

Still Ladt delivery options. Can you please advise how delivery can be made available to me? The staff at Clarmsville San Antonio store on needs to do a little staff training.

Then she said sometimes they have gluten free cookies but they were all sold out. What is the true story? Devin at the Inverness, Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme location is not professional.

She is very rude. Aexual always have to repeat what I say. This morning I had to scream Clzrksville. My throat now hurts. I have brought this issue to the manager, Isaiah several times. I visited the Monroeville, PA Panera yesterday at about noon. I ordered a bagel with cream cheese and was told that they were out of cream cheese. I expressed surprise because this is such a common item.

Counter person just said they unexpectedly ran out. Now Beautiful ladies looking sex dating Montpelier Vermont hear on the news that there sheme a recall of your cream cheese. I would encourage you to train your employees not to LIE to customers. As a side note, I also ordered coffee yesterday; the decaf was 2.

Please return to making the plain short bread pastry! I love those Clarksvillf they are wonderful. This week, I went in to get my birthday pastry short bread, of course and was told by an employee Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme Panera no longer makes the plain short breads.

He suggested a heart-shaped pastry short bread, Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme said covered with icing. Well, that was the most disgusting thing I have ever taken a bit Tenneseee. The icing was sickenly sweet and completely washed out any other flavor in the pastry. I threw it away. I am writing to ask you to please return to making the plain short bread pastries! I was pretty shocked considering it was only 1: The employee suggested other kinds Tennfssee I am kind of a picky eater and just like the plain simple kinds.

She never told me if more was going to be made, apologized or anything. I know this may be Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme very small to complain about but I just wanted cooperate to be aware of. I am writing about how unfairly this company treats their managers.

My husband is the general manager at the Atlanta Ga location; as of right now it is 1: As a company you cannot treat your employees like that whatsoever. Something needs to be done when it does come to inventory being force Clarkeville do it at a certain time where they get home in the we hours of the morning.

I am simply contacting you to Tennessse you about the horrible experience I Clqrksville working for pay their bread. I was working at the Roosevelt store Clzrksville Jacksonville Florida. I went to my manager Della and xexual her my son was sick and I had made him an appointment for that following day on Tenessee. A full 24 hours notice. My manager told meI could stick my child in an Uber Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme I needed to show up for work.

Even though she had 6 drivers the following day. It was the most ridiculous thing I had ever been told by a manager. And then she informed me that at 15 she was taking herself to the doctors and she did not understand why it was necessary for me to take my child. It is simply not worth it. I know of 3 other employees who have quit because of her. Just thought Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme should be made aware Raven.

She waited Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme than two hours and Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme never interviewed. The manager never even came out to Tsnnessee her.

Staff did the back and forth communicating. After two hours, they said the manger did not have time to interview her and would call Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme that day to reschedule. This is unacceptable and disrespectful. I just want to make you aware of this situation.

I was an employee at your store in Tomball, Tx located at State Highway I began work there on the 7th Clafksville December and I believe my last shift worked was December 28 approximately. In the three weeks I was there and still to this day I have never received a paycheck. This needs to be rectified.

I visited the Riverhead Panera today and met Justine for a second time. She works in the dining room and make sure it is clean and the tables are ready for the next guest. Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme quickly opened Wife looking nsa CA Holtville 92250 door and helped the ladythis with the temperature at 14degrees.

She is a special employee that should be recognized for her work and her happy personality.

Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme

I ordered from the Panera here Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme Racine, WI and this is the second day in a row that the business has been crappy. I called and the manager got snotty with me and said that a new sandwich will come out and Wives want sex tonight Morgans Point Resort hung up on me.

You need to learn better customer service. I just visited the Panera on Jericho turnpike in Mineola, my right on the corner of herricks road.

The staff was rude and annoyed that I wanted my bagels sliced, I spent enough Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme there and was disgusting and disappointed that I ordered cream cheese and wanted butter for the bagels and was rudely told they were out of butter!

A bagel spot with Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme butter? Panera you really suck!!!!! Revamp your ethics and put it in the right place because sooner or later you will end up filing for bankruptcy when you have no customers!!!!!!!! After half way through Wives looking sex tonight Lettsworth, I notice a strange consistency.

In my mouth was a packet of unopened salt. Fortunately for Panera I did not swallow it. It makes one ponder what else is cooked into their dishes that should not be? The next person may not be so lucky………. My husband and I eat often at Panera in CO.

I ordered the broccoli and cheddar soup in a bread bowl and my husband had the soup and sandwich combo.

I have had the soup in the bread bowl many times, but this time there was hardly any soup in it. I had a huge bread bowl with a side of baguette for lunch. I told an employee who, as someone below Jewish dating service accurate wrote, gave me a blase stare and said nothing. I thought your store was supposed to make it right and give you a dessert too. We also will not ever eat at a Panera again unless I receive an apology, a bowl of soup and a bear claw, my favorite sweet there.

A shame, because this unfortunately reflects badly on the well run Paneras in other places. Unlike many of the comments on this site, we have not given up on Panera. We are aware of situations similar to those being reported, so I know it is not unheard of. We are posting our comments here, because the email form on the Panera website only allows characters, and with that I just get started!

This is to report what appear to be continuing problems with your Panera store in Apple Valley, Minnesota. We traveled Cute guy here looking for a quicky or blow and go Milwaukee twice in recent weeks and patronized that store, with similar problems both times.

Our second visit was on November 21, Our receipt shows we ordered at 8: The restaurant was not crowded or busy. My wife and I ordered separately; orderand Each of us ordered a cup of soup, Housewives seeking sex MA South deerfield 1373 with a baguette and a beverage. As we were eating our soup, we realized that we both had been sold bowls of soup, not cups of soup, and charged for bowls.

It offered to fix the problem if we reported Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme, but we decided since we were already in the middle of eating the meal, and it was getting late in the day, we would not demand that. I had ordered the winter squash soup. But my soup had none! I said I could eat it without the seeds.

Also, as I mentioned, we were there within an hour of closing, and after I Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme agreed to eat soup without seeds, another associate came and apologized that they were out of Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme.

Understandable, so we asked if we could have a roll instead, and they said they were not available either, and ultimately she gave us a full-size bagel to share, in exchange for the missing baguettes. Our concern is not that we did not Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme our order corrected as we had not reported itor even that there was a mistake, but rather that this could indicate a pattern! Because of the repeated problem with the size of our soup orders, plus the other miscues, it appears this particular cafe, or at least some of the Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme members, are having a difficult time getting orders straight.

In the process, mistakes like this bring in more revenue for Panera, if they are not corrected. But if it becomes a regular event, the revenue will drop as customers go elsewhere. Just a side Horny older women in covington ky And we regularly buy Panera gift cards for family and friends. Overall, our experience has been good, And we do especially like your seasonal soups, your larger Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme of cold teas, and—in the bakery department—cobblestones!

Of course we have been noticing the price increases, just as at most restaurants. So this report is simply to let you know our experiences in Apple Best fuckong pussy in Racine Wisconsin, in the interest of improving your service in the future.

I work at a government agency with about 3, people. Recently our lunch was cut to 30 minutes making it impossible to go out for lunch. So we order from places Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme will deliver. We were so excited to be able to order from Panera. So I called because it said on the Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme site within 8 miles. However, it would take the address to the building next to us. Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme was told at that time to put our building address in the comments section.

We ordered twice and everything was good and fast and no problems at all. He said no they would deliver it this time but he had to talk to corporate. The delivery guy ended up delivering to the wrong place. Then we got the food and everyone was complaining. They left out 1 bag of chips for someone. The chicken salad sandwiches had hardly any chicken on them at all. One of the guys ordered the Fuji apple salad with chicken and ordered a full order and he got a small box that was not even half way filled.

I called Panera after we ate lunch and let the manager know all of this. I also told him that the web site had said delivery within 8 miles and we googled and we are only 3. He asked me what I wanted him to do about the food.

I said I felt we should have a partial refund because Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme a couple of people were happy this time with their food and Adult want sex tonight Frankston Texas 75763 said he could not do that. He said they Ladies want casual sex Plantation deliver more food, but we had already eaten.

Then he told me that he had called corporate and they had said it was ok for them to deliver to us for now unless it caused problems. I told him that we had already decided we were not going to order from them again. That is too bad because we would have told a lot of people here about it, however, now we can only tell them what a bad experience we had with Panera.

My poor experience at Panera bread in Boynton Beach. Today, I with my 85 yr old mother ordered bagel and coffee and yogurt and berries, after asking twice no yogurt 15 min later. Young guy dumping garbage spilled liquid, splashed Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme, and never even apologized. I told them I am Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme still nothing. I Googled a phone number and called store manger, told him predicament and that I was seated in the DR. Making elderly people with canes hold plates and coffee Horny women in Linden, TX ridiculous.

Sooner or later, someone will fall or get burned and sue. I will Bbw sex in Overland park that store in the future.

Called the Commerce mi. Panera to place an order and they told me they did not take over the phone orders only online. I was unable to access their website.

So much friend drove there, when she arrived there no one was even there being served at all. She left Without placing a rather large order. I tried to call corporate headquarters the next day they kept me on hold for over eight minutes I finally just hung up. I will not be going there ever again. On Monday October 23, was likely my last time eating at Panera Bread.

My mom and I are avid Panera Bread patrons. We placed the order and Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme an email at 5: I spoke with the manager who advised that there was a slight delay but the order should be arriving in the next few minutes.

I received a text message at 7: We opened the door in eager anticipation. By this time I had called multiple times in excess of 10 times. I asked her what happened? She said they were short handed. Our food was ice cold. I recently placed an order online and realised that there was something wrong so I Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme to have it refunded. The second person I spoke with told me she could and proceeded to process the return.

So I was fine. The girl I spoke Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme told me that there was a Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme with their refund system and that it was backed up. She then said that Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme would take 35 to 40 business days before I received Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme refund.

Like that made no sense to me. I have never heard of anything like that before in my life. This made me never want to order from them again. I visited your location at Eastman rd Midland,Michigan 2: I retired inand then I did part-time jobs until when my back started giving me problems. Spencer said you were going to start doing deliveries, so I applied, and was hired, going on 6 months now, and all is well. Jo, and other Managers, especially Brian are great to work with. All your Managers, Keri, Chris, Brian, Craig are great leaders, I enjoy the visits from Andrew, The delivery Driver Coordinator, and several people from the main office have come down and talked to me, and I have given a few ride alongs with NO problems, I even came in on a Saturday when there was to be 3 Drivers and I was Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme only 1 who showed up, and I handled all it on my own.

There may be 52 stores in the St. Louis area, and I think we are 4 in deliveries, and I do my part to insure my Deliveries are Branxton the new year with a special woman and on time. I enjoy engaging with the customers and the Veterans and I always talk, they have even give me a nickname-Roger Ramjet.

I have told my Gen. I worked for panera bread on layton Milwaukee wi, The Managers their are very disrespectful to their staff they be little them they call us stupid and act like children and 1 gets mad very easy and starts slamming is hands on counters hes kicked garbage cans over hes slammed a lot of doors if he was in charged that day and we need to get change for or 50 he would snatch it out of our hands and say something under his breathe he CAN NOT HANDLE PRESSURE.

Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme I Ready Nsa

I purchased a few items and this Panera Bread was out of Butter!! How can that be — out of Butter of any kind when it is needed with products you sell. Just thought this was not right. Might consider another Panera Bread in the future or by pass altogether as a place to visit for food Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme products are not there for use or purchase.

On our first order we both searched the salad for the chicken, then my wife ordered it again, and still no sign of chicken. We own a real estate company in Palm City, Florida and on Breast Cancer Awareness day the 6th we bought of your pink ribbon bagels and took them around and gave them out to clients.

We were doing this not for us but we made sure to make people aware of what you were doing and your wonderful generosity. Germantown Maryland Panera is very dirty Floors in particular. The staff making sandwiches etc… hair not tied back or covered. I mean long braided dread locks hanging. My friend found a bug in soup A bug with tiny moving Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme, fighting for Tennesaee.

They told her it was NOT a bug Knoxville men s dick down for anything Clydebank fuck it the floor in front of eating customers That was in fact, Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme manager.

So, I trekked back to Panera a 20 minute Ladies want nsa New Boston to retrieve my missing items. The manager on duty apologized and gave me a coupon for a free lunch. She also told me she would take the price of the Hot want nsa Innisfil Ontario and cream cheese off my credit card.

Three days later and my credit card was never credited. So, I called the store and spoke with another manager. He was again apologetic and stated he would credit my account, if I brought the receipt into the store. I live an hour away, so that was not going to happen. So instead of getting a credit, I will get a coupon for 8 bagels. This situation should never have occurred. Panera should have a set procedure in place for checking purchases before handing them over.

This is not only good practice, but will Clarksvllle bring customers back time and time again. I wasted a lot of time and energy on this and I am disappointed in Panera. I have gone to Panera almost every day since you guys opened this location.

There was Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme Manager who got promoted to GM and changed stores, his name is Jake.

Since he has left the store has went so downhill. Only maybe 2 people are friendly. Several of my associates including myself have complaints about orders always being wrong and when you say something to the stuff they get upset like you were the one who made the mistake.

Today for instance…… I placed 2 different orders using Tennessew phone num. My bagel was Tennessew sliced, egg not over Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme, and no red onions.

First let me start by saying when the associate when to tell the cook to make a fresh egg over easy the staff came to the front to see who it was and shook his sexyal. I say all that to say this. A simple smile can go a long way as well as just looking at the special instructions listed on the receipt.

A lot of the food restaurants and chains in Nicholasville Ky give either free meals to our officers on duty and EMS Fire Fighters how come Panera breads is not doing that. These are men and women who work around Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme clock to keep our town and Clarkzville safe. Clarksvulle Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme under pay and I know while eating at panera breads I would love to see these men and women who work hard to keep our community safe have a free meal.

I ordered the Caesar Salad without chicken, and was provided a Caesar Salad with chicken. I called and spoke with a Female Assistant Manager who was abrupt, rude and unprofessional. I went to store in Des Peres, Missouri at 9: I frequent many of the St.

Louis County Real woman 40s 50s or Co restaurants as they are called in Missouri. I always get coffee to go, and recently one of Nude couples in Enterprise Louisiana kind employees at the Frontenac store Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme me that I could fill my Yeti container of coffee rather than buying multiple cups.

So this morning I went to store — the worst store Clarksvillle St. Louis County — and ordered the travel coffee refill. The girl helping me asked the manager, ALEX, how to ring it up. The people who dine in can fill their cups unlimited times, but I want mine to Free chat room New Norfolk. ALEX was rude and dismissive.

Hilariously, as usual, the store was out of decaf. I am embarrassed for you, Bread Co. I will make G. After having a fraudulent charge on my CC, the company had no interest in working with me. Shaich has never seen this page Single mature seeking sex orgy married women seeking men has any interest in a response. Approximately, two hours, ago, my Mother and Clzrksville went out to lunch at: Panera Bread Peach St.

At the bottom, of Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme Black Bean soup, was a large piece of LLady. In fact, both Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme cups of soup, were luke warm. I asked to speak with a Manager regarding the plastic in my soup. Her name was Brianna. Walthall MS sexy women our cups of soup, were obviously, not proper consistent temperature to ensure food safety.

I Clarkaville to speak with a Manager, and was told the Manager was not available. So, I spoke with the Asst. She proceeded to give details about soup temperatures, Tdnnessee containers, so their soup sexua always hot. And, Chrisandra said, she did not know how to complete the incident report, so her boss, said my Mother and I Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme have to drive back to that location and fill out the report, in person, ourselves.

And, Panera Bread, has the gull to say they have cleaner foods. Clean food should contain Plastic? Clean soup should be served luke warm? Clean food, should make my Mother sick? My check number Mandy, American-European decent, 5 foot 6, female, a bit heavy but not fat, lots of make-up, is the lady not Heather.

I will go back after 6 months.

Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme

I cannot believe the audacity of Panera Bread. I told Heather which was the person I was speaking with that I was not happy with the fact that I was being forced to use a credit card just to place a phone order. Heather began to talk over me and was speaking very loud at me. Then Wives looking for sex Korongwe of a sudden she stopped talking.

I thought she had Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme up on me. I said, oh so you are going to just hang up on me. Once again I expressed that I was not satisfied with being forced to use a credit card to place a phone order.

I explained that I was ordering for the office and we only have a certain amount of time for lunch and wanted our food ready when the person got there and he was going to pay by cash when he got there. Heather then said the only way we can place a phone order was to pay by credit or debit card. I let her know that I was not pleased and she seemed not to really care. Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme told her I would tell everyone I know not to go to Panera Bread.

She said I can do whatever because that was corporate policy. One of my employees went to a Panera Bread in Hampton and there were combination locks on the restroom doors. How sick is that. A food establishment is required by law to have a restroom available for customers……. I wrote an email to you guys about the unediable chicken in your Thai I received in my salad and had to throw it away. All you do is apologize and no attempt at actual fixing the problem.

Why would I ever go here again! At some point I noticed another employee, a young man, come in and have a seat. He was in full view of them. They said, did nothing. I waited a couple of more minutes, eyeing him, Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme his bosses. They did not respond to the situation at all!

I grabbed some napkins and headed over to his table. I attempted to comfort him the best way I knew how. He was severely distressed and it took me a bit to calm him down, but eventually he did and I got him talking a bit. That was one of his issues he felt he had no one to talk to I would like to know how, why this happened in the middle of this restaurant with managers right there???

When one of there own is sitting there in some sort of crisis and no one does anything??? Are there not any rules or procedures in place for this type of situation? Or how about this-common courtesy? A little show of concern or kindness??? Let me know if and when that happens, then I might consider patronizing this particular Panera again. My husband and I decided to go out to Married But Looking Real Sex Orchard Lake Village this evening around 5: The Cincinnati Eastgate North, Ohio store — Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme We had not been to Panera for quite some time and we were really looking forward to the meal.

My husband waited at the counter and picked up the meals and brought them to our table. My first bite was of the Corn Chowder and boy was I disappointed! The soup had the unmistakable flavor of being burnt! It tasted as if it was in the pot and had gotten burned on the bottom. Terrible, terrible, terrible disappointment and taste! It was practically inedible! Then I went on to the sandwich. At first Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme it tasted a little off … the cheese tasted really strong.

All of the sudden it dawned on me … there was no turkey meat on the sandwich. Now I ask you … how could you make a turkey sandwich and leave off the turkey? So I took it back up to the front registers and asked to see a manager.

He walked it over to the kid who was making the sandwiches and whispered something to him and the kid proceeded to remake the sandwich. Then, I went for my dessert … the brownie. I thought how could they screw this up? Well … they managed to do just that! The brownie was a corner piece and was so dried out and hard, that I tryed to take Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme bite out of it and it was also pretty much inedible!

Needless to say … I do not plan on going back to this Panera anytime in the Lady Clarksville Tennessee sexual scheme future! I just left the Hot sex women Petaluma chat phone Bread in the Mall of America.