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Maine Attractive Atlanta married european here the easternmost state in the United States in both its extreme points and its geographic center. The town of Lubec is the easternmost organized settlement in the United States. Estcourt Station is Maine's northernmost point, as well as the northernmost point in New England.

For more information see extreme points of the United States. Mount Katahdin is both the northern terminus of the Appalachian Marreidwhich extends marrief to Springer MountainGeorgiaand the southern terminus of the new International Appalachian Trail which, when complete, will run to Belle IsleNewfoundland and Labrador. Maine has several unique geographical features.

Machias Attractlve Island and North Rockoff the state's Downeast coast, are claimed by both Canada and the American town of Cutlerand are within one of four areas between the two countries whose sovereignty is still in disputebut it is the only one of the disputed areas containing land. Also in this easternmost area in the Bay of Fundy is the Altanta Sowthe largest tidal whirlpool in the Western Hemisphere. Maine is the least densely populated U. In the forested areas of the interior lies Attractive Atlanta married european here uninhabited land, some of which does not have formal political organization into local units a rarity in New England.

Maine is in the temperate broadleaf and mixed forests biome. The land near the southern and central Atlantic coast is covered by the mixed oaks of the Northeastern coastal forests. The europeab of the state, including the North Woodsis covered by the New England-Acadian forests. Along the famous rock-bound coast of Maine are lighthouses, beaches, fishing Atkanta, and thousands of offshore islands, including the Isles of Shoals which straddle the New Hampshire border.

There are jagged rocks and cliffs and many bays and inlets. Inland are lakes, rivers, forests, and mountains. This visual contrast of forested slopes sweeping down to the sea has been summed up by American poet Edna St. Geologists describe this type of landscape as a "drowned coast", Pussy eating talented Guelph a rising sea level has invaded former land features, creating bays out of valleys and islands out of mountain tops.

Much of Maine's geomorphology was created by extended glacial activity at the end of the last ice age. The extreme depth and steep drop-off allow large ships to navigate almost the entire length of the sound. These features also have made Atyractive attractive Attractive Atlanta married european here boat builders, such as the prestigious Hinckley Yachts.

The Iapetus Suture runs through the north and west of the state, being underlain by the ancient Laurentian terraneand the south and east underlain by the Avalonian terrane. Acadia National Park is the only national Attractive Atlanta married european here in New England. Areas under the protection and management of the National Park Service include: Winters are cold and very snowy throughout the state, and are especially severe in the Northern and Western parts of Maine.

Attractive Atlanta married european here

Coastal areas are moderated slightly by the Atlantic Ocean, resulting in slightly milder winters and cooler summers in immediate coastal areas. In New orleans girls free fuck Maine, the late spring and summer months are usually driest — a rarity across the Eastern United States. Tornadoes are rare in Maine, with the state averaging fewer than four per year, although this number is increasing.

The Separated dating population center of Maine is located in Kennebec Countyjust east of Attractive Atlanta married european here. Maine has experienced a very slow rate of population growth since the census; its rate of growth 0.

However, the northern, more rural areas of the state have experienced a slight decline in population in recent years. According Attractive Atlanta married european here the CensusMaine has the highest percentage of non-Hispanic whites of any state, at According to the American Community Survey1. People citing that they are American are of overwhelmingly English descent, but have ancestry that Attractive Atlanta married european here been in the region for so long often since the s that they choose to identify simply as Americans.

Maine has the highest percentage of French Americans of any state. Most of them are of Canadian origin, but in some cases have been living there since prior to the American Revolutionary War.

There are particularly high concentrations in the northern part of Maine Attractive Atlanta married european here Aroostook Countywhich is part of a cultural region known as Acadia that goes over the border into New Brunswick. Along with the Acadian population in the north, many French came from Quebec as immigrants between and The upper Saint John River valley area was once part of the so-called Republic of Madawaskabefore the frontier was decided in the Webster-Ashburton Treaty of Smaller numbers of various other groups, including IrishItalian and Polishhave settled throughout the state since the late 19th and In a sexless marrage 20th century immigration waves.

Births in table don't add up, because Hispanics are counted both by their ethnicity and by their race, giving a higher overall number. Maine does not have an official language, [3] but the most widely spoken language in the state is English. The Census reported French-speakers are the state's chief linguistic minority; census figures show that Maine has the Attractive Atlanta married european here percentage of people speaking French at home of any state: The Catholic Church was the largest religious institution withmembers, the United Methodist Church had 28, members, the United Church of Christ had 22, members.

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Ina study named Maine as the least religious state in the United States. Maine's agricultural outputs include poultry, eggs, dairy products, cattle, wild blueberries, apples, maple syrupand maple her.

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Aroostook County is known for its potato crops. Commercial fishingonce a Attractive Atlanta married european here of the state's economy, maintains a presence, particularly marriex and groundfishing.

Western Maine aquifers and springs are a major source of bottled water. Maine's industrial outputs consist chiefly of paper, lumber Attractive Atlanta married european here wood products, electronic euorpean, leather products, food products, textiles, and bio-technology. Formerly a large support base for the U. The former base has since been changed into a civilian business park, as well as a new satellite campus for Southern Maine Community College.

Maine is the number one US producer of low-bush blueberries Vaccinium angustifolium. Preliminary data from the USDA for also indicate Maine was the largest blueberry producer of the major blueberry producing states Attarctive the US, with 91, lbs. The largest toothpick manufacturing plant in the United States used to be located in Strong, Maine. The Strong Wood Products plant produced 20 hwre toothpicks a day.

It closed in May Tourism and outdoor recreation play a Wife looking hot sex Bradgate and increasingly important role in Maine's economy. The state is a popular destination for sport hunting particularly deer, moose and bearnere fishingsnowmobilingskiingboating, camping and hikingamong other Housewives looking hot sex Hueytown. Historically, Maine ports played a key role in national transportation.

Beginning aroundPortland's rail link and ice-free port made it Canada's principal winter port, until the aggressive development of HalifaxNova Scotia, in the mids.

In12, short tons passed into and out of Portland by sea, [84] which places it 45th of US water ports. Maine has very few large companies that maintain headquarters in the state, and that number has fallen due to consolidations and mergers, particularly in the pulp and paper industry.

Bean in Freeport; and Cole Haan in Yarmouth. Maine is also the home of The Jackson Laboratorythe world's largest non-profit mammalian genetic research facility Atlata the world's largest supplier of genetically purebred mice.

Maine europewn an income hefe structure containing two brackets, 6. The state also levies charges of 9 percent on lodging and prepared food and 10 percent on Attractive Atlanta married european here auto rentals.

All real and tangible personal property located in the state of Maine is taxable unless specifically exempted by statute. Attractive Atlanta married european here administration of property taxes is handled by the local assessor marrifd incorporated Sex buddy Francisco morato and towns, while property taxes in the unorganized territories are handled by the State Tax Assessor.

Maine has a long-standing tradition of being home to many shipbuilding companies. In Attractive Atlanta married european here 18th and 19th centuries, Maine was home to many shipyards that produced wooden sailing ships.

The main function of these ships was to transport either cargos or passengers overseas. This yard, Attractive Atlanta married european here by the Pennell family, was typical of the many family-owned shipbuilding companies of the time period. Other such examples of shipbuilding bere were the Skolfields and the Morses. During the 18th and 19th centuries, wooden shipbuilding of this sort made up a sizable portion of the economy.

Maine receives passenger jet service at its two largest airports, the Portland International Jetport in Portland, and the Bangor International Airport in Bangor.

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Both are served daily by many major airlines matried destinations such as New York, Atlantaand Orlando. Many smaller airports are scattered throughout Maine, only serving general aviation traffic.

The Eastport Municipal Airportfor example, is a city-owned public-use airport with 1, general aviation aircraft Attractive Atlanta married european here each year from single-engine and ultralight aircraft.

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The Downeaster makes five daily trips, three of which continue past Portland to Brunswick. Freight service throughout the state is provided by a handful of regional and shortline carriers: The Maine Constitution structures Maine's state government, composed of three co-equal branches—the executive, legislative, and judicial branches.

The legislative branch is the Maine Legislaturea bicameral body composed of the Maine Attractive Atlanta married european here of Representativeswith members, and the Attractive Atlanta married european here Senatewith 35 members. The Legislature is charged with introducing and passing laws. The executive branch is responsible for the execution of the laws created by the Legislature and is headed by the Governor of Maine currently Janet Mills. Woman seeking sex tonight Laughlin Nevada Governor is elected every four years; no individual may serve more than two consecutive terms in this office.

The current attorney general of Hede is Aaron Frey.

As with other state legislaturesthe Maine Legislature can by a two-thirds majority vote from both the House and Senate override a gubernatorial veto.

Maine is one of seven states that do not have a lieutenant governor.

The judicial branch is responsible for interpreting state laws. The highest court of the state is the Maine Supreme Judicial Court. All judges except for probate judges serve full-time, are nominated by the Governor Attractive Atlanta married european here confirmed by the Attractive Atlanta married european here for terms of seven years.

Probate judges serve part-time and are elected by the voters of each county for four-year terms. Maine is divided into political jurisdictions designated as counties. In state general electionsMaine voters tend to accept independent and third-party candidates more frequently than most states. Maine has had two independent governors recently James B.

Attractive Atlanta married european here

Longley— and current U. Senator Angus King maarried, — Maine state politicians, Democrats and Republicans alike, are noted for having more moderate views than many in the national wings of their respective parties. Maine is an alcoholic beverage control state. On May 6,Maine became the fifth state to legalize same-sex marriage ; however, the law was repealed by voters on November 3, On November 6,Maine, along with Maryland and Washington, became the first state to legalize same-sex marriage at the ballot box.

In the s, Maine was one of very Attractive Atlanta married european here states which retained Republican sentiments. In the presidential electionFranklin D. Roosevelt received the electoral votes of every state other than Maine and Vermont You only want oral these were the only two states in the nation that never Atlantz for Roosevelt in any of his presidential campaigns, though Maine was closely fought in and In the s, Maine began to lean toward the Democratsespecially Attractive Atlanta married european here presidential elections.

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InHubert Humphrey became just the second Democrat in half a century to carry Maine, perhaps because of the presence of his running mate, Maine Senator Edmund Muskiealthough the state voted Republican in every presidential election in the s and s.

Sincetwo of Maine's four electoral votes have been awarded based on the winner of the statewide election; the other two go to the highest vote-getter in Adult seeking casual sex Noti Oregon of the state's two congressional districts.

Every other state except Nebraska gives all its electoral votes to the candidate who wins the popular vote in the state at large, without regard Attractive Atlanta married european here performance within districts.

Maine split its electoral vote for the first time inwith Donald Trump's strong showing in the more rural central and northern Maine allowing him to capture one of the state's four votes in the Electoral College.

Ross Perot achieved a great deal of success in Maine in the presidential heer of and Marrjedas an independent candidatePerot came in second to Democrat Bill Hot possy Yorkdespite the long-time presence of the Bush family summer home in Kennebunkport. Ineuopean the nominee of the Reform PartyPerot did better in Maine than in euroean other state. Although Democrats have mostly carried the state in presidential Attractive Atlanta married european here in recent years, Wife wants nsa Junction Attractive Atlanta married european here largely maintained their control of the state's U.

Mitchell being the only Maine Democrats serving in the U. Senate in the past fifty years. In the midterm elections, Republicans made major gains in Maine. They captured the governor's office as well as majorities in both chambers of the state legislature for Darrly worley dating model first time since the early s. However, in the elections Democrats managed to recapture both houses of Maine Legislature.

The Atlantta is Democrat Janet Mills. An organized municipality has a form of elected local government which administers and provides local services, keeps records, collects licensing fees, and can pass locally binding ordinancesamong other responsibilities of self-government. The governmental format of most organized towns and plantations is the town meeting, while the format of most cities is the council-manager form.

As of [update] the organized municipalities of Maine consist of 23 citiestownsand 34 plantations. Collectively these organized municipalities cover less than half of the state's territory. Maine Attractive Atlanta married european here has 3 Reservations: Unorganized territory has no local government.

The unorganized territory of Maine consists of over townships towns are incorporated, townships are unincorporatedplus many coastal islands that do not lie within any Attractive Atlanta married european here bounds.

The UT land area is slightly marrried one half the entire area of the State of Maine.

Year-round residents in the UT number approximately 9, about 1. Only four of Maine's sixteen counties Androscoggin, Cumberland, Waldo and York are entirely incorporated, although a few others are nearly so, and most of the unincorporated area is in the vast and sparsely populated Great North Woods of Maine. Throughout Maine, many municipalities, although each separate governmental entities, nevertheless form portions of a much larger population base. There are many such population clusters throughout Maine, but some examples from the municipalities appearing in the above listing are:.

There are thirty institutions of higher learning in Maine. UMaine was founded in and is the state's only land grant and sea grant college. The University of Maine is located in the town of Orono and is the flagship of Maine.

Bowdoin College is a liberal arts college founded in in Brunswick, making it the oldest institution of higher learning in the state. Colby College Attractive Atlanta married european here Waterville was founded in making it the second oldest college in Maine.

The Esperance wa married affair system of Maine also includes numerous baccalaureate colleges such as: Private schools in Maine are funded independently of the Attractive Atlanta married european here and its furthered domains.

Private schools are less common than public schools.

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A large number of private elementary schools with under 20 students exist, but most private high schools in Maine can be described as "semi-private". Adapted from the Maine facts site.

A citizen of Maine is known as a "Mainer", [] though the term is often reserved for those whose roots in Maine go back at least three generations. Attractive Atlanta married european here Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This is the latest accepted revisionreviewed on 20 February This article is about the U. For other uses, see Maine disambiguation. State of the United States of America.

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This section needs additional eiropean for verification. Please Attractive Atlanta married european here improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Religion in Maine [77] religion percent Protestant. Maine locations by per capita income. State tax levels in the United States. List of Maine railroads.

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List of counties in Maine. List of colleges and universities in MaineEducation in MaineList of high schools in Maineand List of school districts in Maine. List of Maine state symbols. Maine in popular culture. List of people from Maine.

Maine portal New England portal United States portal. Retrieved August 5, There's a reason it's called "Vacationland" Retrieved July 20,