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As usual, I am open to suggestions for new stories or ideas for current stories. This story could also be continued and have added chapters. This story aex fit into a few different categories and future ones might end up in those. All characters are 18 and up.

Why couldn't I have gone away to college like all of my friends. Today had been terrible! Because of traffic I had missed an important test and the professor wasn't going to let me make it up.

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I feel tears begin to flow Adult looking sex tonight Midway my face, probably ruining my eyeliner, or what little hadn't already been ruined when I cried driving home. I hear a ding from my phone in my backpack and I sigh, leaning down to open it. I grab my phone and see a text from mom, Hey Jess, I'm working late and I won't lookkng home until late.

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Are you dating again? Ever since Dad left us shortly after I turned Adult looking sex tonight Midway, Mom had dated several guys, some for several years and other for much shorter, but she never remarried.

She always told me I was her main priority, but she always told me about who she was with so I wondered what she was up to.

I finally respond, Alright. Before going back to lay Adult looking sex tonight Midway my bed and think about nothing in particular. Without even thinking about masturbating Adult looking sex tonight Midway sex, I slowly work my hand down my body, until it is resting on top of my pussy but not touching it because of my leggings and panties.

I look down my body, between Horny women in Lorne mn c cup breasts hidden by my shirt and bra and slip my hand under my leggings. I let out a soft sigh as my fingers begin to rub up and down my slit as my wetness begins to slowly grow.

I give a small smile, standing up and wiggling out of my leggings.

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Maybe this will make me feel better. It's been a while since the last time I think. I go to my dresser and open Girls wanting sex Bad Salzschlirf middle drawer.

After digging under some of my sweatpants, I grab what I'm looking for. I pull out a purple vibrator, almost a complete cylinder, except for the slightly larger head which is white with a pink heart on it. I toss my Adult looking sex tonight Midway off Adult looking sex tonight Midway the side, and to the bathroom, pausing to admire myself in the mirror. My toned ass is kind of small, not like Mom's medium sized ass. I have a thigh gap that my boyfriends all found sexy.

My curly brown hair goes to just past my shoulders. I remove my pink panties and bra, reveling my shaven mound and c cup breasts with small pink nipples. I spread the outer lips of my pussy, revealing the soft inner srx and rub a single finger over them, teasing myself.

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Turning the water on in the tub, I fill it partially and climb in, enjoying the feeling of soaking in the warm water. It comes midway up my side when I lay down in the tub. I slowly begin to rub my fingers over my entrance, feeling Adult looking sex tonight Midway before grabbing my trusty vibrator.

I twist the bottom and feel it spring to life with a faint buzzing noise.

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I lower the toy to my clit, matching the heart up with it and I let out a soft moan. The stimulation in my clit makes my pussy become even wetter. Finally, I can't resist the feeling anymore.

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I use my one hand to work my clit and I slip the tip of the vibrator inside me. I lift my head and pull it away slightly and can see the strands of my juices connecting it to my pussy.

Then I begin to slowly slide it in and out of myself, my pussy gripping the vibrator, Adult looking sex tonight Midway it with my juices. As I feel the wetness grow, I begin to fuck myself with the vibrator Chub versbttm looking sunday and faster.

My moans fill the room as the urge to cum grows. Soon I close my eyes and let out a half moan and half squeak as I cum. My fingers stop working my clit and I feel my legs begin to shake from Adult looking sex tonight Midway powerful orgasm.

After a moment, my orgasm subsides and I open my eyes. I sit up and slowly pull my vibrator out of my pussy.

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The head pops out and is coated with some of my cum. I open the drain on the tub tonoght take a long hot shower, cleaning myself off and washing away the day. After my shower, I eat dinner and fall asleep, wondering what Mom is up to.

The next morning is the start of Adult looking sex tonight Midway weekend and I sit up and rub the sleep from my eyes. Some light trickles through the blinds and the house is silent. I stretch with a groan and walk out of my door to make some coffee. When I walk into the kitchen, I look out the window and see Mom's car just pulling in the Adult looking sex tonight Midway.

My coffee finishes and I pour myself some when Mom walks in. Mom is 45 years old and one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen.

She is about the same height as me and has the same curly brown Arult. Her breasts are slightly bigger than mine and her ass is medium in size and fairly toned looking. I turn and face her. I try not to show it on my Adult looking sex tonight Midway but she looks like a mess. Her hair is disheveled and she looks tired. Mom sighs, "It's not important Jess.

I frown, "Well it clearly is because you always tell me when you go out with a guy. So I just curious. I'll tell you if you promise not to judge me.

I have a second job. It's Adult looking sex tonight Midway weekend work so Adult looking sex tonight Midway doesn't interfere with Any other virgins here main job. You make more than enough money for the two of us normally! You know get tonignt on weekends and stuff. It's at a club of sorts. Normally I'm just the hostess but last night But I don't have sex with anyone!

What the fuck kind of club does she work at?

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I ask, "So last night If you want to tell me anything you know that I'm always here for you. Mom smiles, "I know. Don't worry about me. Mom shakes her head, "No, I don't want you to.

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You already told me about what you do and now I want to go see it. I wasn't sure how to tell you what I was doing so Now, I'm going Adult looking sex tonight Midway go take a nap. I sip my Lonely mature free coffee and quietly say to myself, "Mom works in a sex club I go through my normal day activities, doing chores, homework and getting a jog in.

When I come home from my jog, I hear Mom in the otnight. I knock on the door and Mom calls out, "One minute!

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Several minutes later, the water turns off lopking Mom comes out of Adult looking sex tonight Midway bathroom and goes into her room, calling out, "All yours!

I exit and dress, only to hear a knock on the door. Mom opens the door, dressed in a tee shirt and sweat pants. She sees how I'm dressed and smiles, "How are you single? With a body like that I bet there's a line of Any real lesbians want a relationship I think I'm going to work tonight as well.

We'll have dinner together tomorrow night. Think of anything and let me know and I'll make it for us. After finishing getting dressed, I unplug my phone from the wall and pull up my GPS app. Women seeking casual sex Anna Maria Florida I connected to the Bluetooth in Mom's car once, I have its location saved in my phone.

I pull it up and see the car is heading otnight from the house. I make dinner and eat then open the app again. Mom's car is now parked several towns over and the drive is about 20 minutes.

That's probably the club. I think and silently Adult looking sex tonight Midway what my plan is for the next few minutes.