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For many years, a word instruction set, best known for its twelve-step programme, has held a virtual monopoly on the treatment of alcoholism.

But many drinkers want to keep drinking — without pr the problems. Wim van den Brink wants to help and he believes the prevailing view is wrong.

In the United States, an estimated 17 million have an alcohol-use disorder; nearly four million show a dependence and yet only one million are in treatment.

In fact, the vast majority fail to stick with the programme.

Ina review of alcohol treatment studies by the Cochrane Library, concluded: If addicts who have drinks per week can stop at 25, he says, then they may also regain control of their A drink or 10 tonight. Robert Swift, a professor of psychiatry at Brown University in the US, believes abstinence is usually the best option to treat alcoholism.

So there may be people who really cannot drink even one drink, and then there are people who can go back to social drinking. The drug is called nalmefene, and it acts as an alcohol antagonist.

Simply put, the drug binds to opiate receptors in the brain and reduces the rush of pleasure associated with alcohol. It has also been tested, with less success, to treat compulsive gambling.

Actually, you can even take it the moment you start the first drink. Over six months, they found that those taking the drug reduced the number of heavy drinking days from 19 to 8 days per month.

Van den Brink admits there is also a profound reduction in A drink or 10 tonight with the placebo, which nearly halved daily drinking from 85 grams to 45 grams — but the effects were amplified with the nalmafene tablet, which cut drinking by two-thirds an average of 84 grams to 33 grams per day, or the equivalent of drinking a large glass of wine instead of an entire bottle.

Two later studies, published in European Neuropsychopharmacology and Journal of Psychopharmacology, had similar results.

tpnight Today, the drug, sold as Selincro, is currently available in Europe. In August, a clinical trial began enrolling patients for a similar US study.

Nalmefene is part of a growing number of pharmaceutical options. Two other opiate antagonists, naltrexone A drink or 10 tonight and acamprosate Campralhave been approved since and help patients refrain tonihgt drinking. The new approach not only runs up against an entrenched model but some critics contend the latest research on nalmafene found modest, incremental decreases in heavy drinking days — at great financial costs.

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In a recent op-ed published in the British Medical Journal, Des Spence, a Scottish doctor, argued that the drugs are little more than a commercial venture taking advantage of the most vulnerable.

Van den Brink takes the criticism in his stride. He says the studies have gone through peer review and been deemed cost-effective by health A drink or 10 tonight.

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