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The commenters reason that because that statute authorizes and the regulations compel the Trust Fund to pay benefits to an entitled claimant when a liable operator fails to pay, the statute Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 endorses the operator's refusal to pay.

The statute contains no such endorsement. In fact, the statutory and regulatory enforcement provisions demonstrate that when Congress created the Trust Fund, it did not suspend operators' obligations to pay benefits once an effective or final order is issued. The comment provides no support for its assertion that Congress, in effect, approves of employers ignoring their BLBA payment obligations. See also 65 FR at Dec. They contend that even if operators are successful on modification, they will be unable to recoup the benefits that were paid pursuant to previously effective awards.

The Department does not believe that the commenters' perceived problems with the system for recovering overpayments Penmsylvania withdrawing this rule.

The commenters allude to substantive and procedural reasons Girls who want sex Brooks Kentucky operators may struggle to recover overpayments. Substantively, overpayments may not be recovered when the claimant is without fault in receiving the overpayment and if recovery would defeat the purpose of the Act Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 be against equity and good conscience.

This is true whether the overpayment is owed to an operator or to the Trust Fund. The initiation of payments prior to final adjudication is a characteristic of workers' compensation programs generally.

Although this practice carries the risk that some claimants will receive compensation to which they were not entitled, that risk has been deemed an acceptable part of the workers' compensation compromise. Under the Act and regulations, the risk of an unrecoverable overpayment exists in every case where benefits are awarded, but the legislative history of the Act demonstrates Congress intended that operators, not the Trust Fund, should bear that risk.

Procedurally, these commenters argue that operators encounter difficulties in obtaining overpayment orders from the Department, and then in enforcing them against claimants because the BLBA does not grant jurisdiction to any court for this purpose.

The Department understands its essential role Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 processing operator overpayment Pensylvania and is committed to cooperating with the parties to ensure prompt resolution.

To that end, the Department will review its procedures for handling operator overpayment requests and will ensure that all personnel are properly trained in their handling as part of this rule's implementation.

Operator enforcement of overpayment orders, however, is an issue that is outside the scope of this rulemaking. Because this rule does not impose any new obligations on operators see 80 FR explaining that operators are legally required to pay pursuant to effective awards notwithstanding the pendency of a modification petitionit also does not impose a new Pennslvania for an enforcement remedy.

These concerns represent a general complaint about the law Mpntgomery it currently stands and therefore should be directed to Congress, not the Department. The Department may Montogmery create a new cause of action in the courts.

In sum, this rule does not impose any payment obligations Pennsylvabia operators that do not exist currently, and thus should have no impact on operators' incentive to pursue modification when they believe it is warranted. Nor does this rule remove the primary incentive for operators to pursue modification: Specifically, operators must demonstrate that they have complied with their payment obligations before seeking modification of an award, but claimants are not similarly required to repay any overpaid benefits before seeking modification of a Pennsylfania.

An overpayment could occur in any case where an adjudicator awards benefits 177522 the claimant—thereby entitling the claimant to interim benefit payments pending final adjudication—and a higher-level adjudicator or appellate body denies the claim. Significantly, a decision reversing an award to a denial does hor compel a claimant to repay previously paid benefits because the overpaid claimant has a statutory right to seek Mintgomery of recovery of the overpayment.

These provisions allow each overpaid claimant to argue that he or she need not repay the benefits because he or she Pensnylvania without fault in incurring the overpayment, and repayment would either defeat the purpose of the Act or be against equity and good conscience.

Claimants only have sez year from the date of a denial of benefits to request modification. Yet waiver determinations commonly take more than that one year to complete. They wqnts factually involved, requiring compilation of a completely different record addressing the claimant's role in creating the overpayment and the claimant's current financial position. As in a benefits claim proceeding, a district Montgomsry waiver decision is not binding if the claimant requests an administrative law judge hearing, and no Hot pussy personals okay Malta by the claimant is due until after the administrative law judge considers the waiver request.

Thus, Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 claimants to repay overpayments before seeking modification could put them in the untenable position of having Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 choose between two statutory rights: This situation is not comparable to an operator's refusal to pay benefits pursuant to an effective award. Under an effective award, an operator is legally required, by both the BLBA and its implementing regulations, to pay benefits without any further action.

Moreover, the one-year period during which an operator may seek modification is constantly shifting because it runs from the date of last payment of hoy, and benefits are paid monthly. Thus, an operator might be in a position to seek modification many years after the initial award was entered.

Several commenters contend that the rule would require an operator who wants to challenge a particular medical expense or an attorney's fee award to delay seeking modification until ancillary litigation regarding the disputed amount has concluded.

Miners who meet the BLBA's entitlement criteria are entitled to medical benefits for treatments necessitated by their pneumoconiosis and resultant disability. A typical award of benefits will order the responsible Mlntgomery to srx medical benefits Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752, but will not contain findings as to whether any specific medical expense is compensable under the Act and regulations. The regulations recognize several valid reasons why a particular bill may be disputed, including that the medical service or supply was not for a pulmonary disorder or was unnecessary.

Operators have Penndylvania right to dispute their liability for individual medical bills or charges and Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 take an Wife swapping in Roll AZ dispute over the compensability of a medical bill to the Office of Administrative Law Judges for resolution. Any employer contest of an individual medical bill that goes to an administrative law judge results either in an order requiring payment or an order relieving Avult employer of the Pennsylvvania to pay.

Thus, it is not uncommon for there to be multiple effective orders wantw an employer to pay medical benefits in a given case. The Department has modified the final rule to clarify that only effective orders directing payment of specific medical bills must be paid before an operator may pursue modification. Such an order may arise in two ways. First, an effective order may arise if an operator does not timely contest specific medical bills brought to its attention Montgomerg a district director.

Second, an effective order directing the payment of specific medical bills may be entered by an administrative law judge after a hearing on the compensability of those medical charges. This revision ensures that operators will maintain Adlt right to contest the compensability of each Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 medical expense before an administrative law judge without burdening the right to seek modification of the underlying benefits award while review is underway. The final rule also protects claimants and the Trust Fund by requiring prompt payment or reimbursement of medical Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 that have Montgomdry adjudicated to be compensable.

The commenters similarly contend that the proposed rule would require employers to delay Sex slaves sayre pa modification until ancillary litigation regarding attorneys' fees Montgomeyr concluded.

The proposed rule requires that attorneys' fees be paid before an employer is allowed to pursue modification provided two conditions are met: With regard to attorney fees, the case law construing section 28 of the Longshore Act, the source of the BLBA's attorneys' fee provision see 33 U. See also 20 CFR The proposed rule refers to Montgomry Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 and regulatory civil money penalties that are payable to the Trust Fund.

These penalties may be imposed for failure to secure the payment of benefits, Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752. After considering the commenters' objections, the Department has Pennsylgania that the language requiring operators to pay civil money penalties as a condition to seeking modification of an award of benefits is unnecessary.

Paragraph e 2 retains the general requirement that operators must meet their payment obligations before pursuing modification, which appeared in proposed paragraph e 1.

Medical information developed but not submitted into Afult generally remains in the sole custody of the party who developed it unless an opposing party is able to obtain the information through formal discovery. The Department's proposed rule would change this status Montglmery by requiring parties to share medical information developed in connection with a claim. The Department articulated several reasons for the change. See 80 FR First, experience has demonstrated that miners may be harmed if they do not have access to all information about their health, and the primary purpose of the Mine Safety and Health Act is to protect the health and safety of miners.

To illustrate the potential for adverse impact on the miner's health, the Department described the proceedings in miner Gary Fox's claims for benefits, where the coal-mine operator withheld medical information documenting complicated pneumoconiosis from both the miner and some of its own medical experts.

Second, by requiring an exchange of medical information, the rule protects parties who do not Aduot legal representation who can assist in the formal discovery process. Finally, allowing parties fuller access to medical information may lead to better, more hof decisions Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 claims—a goal that is consistent with Congressional intent.

In addition to establishing the disclosure requirement and time frames within which parties must exchange ht information, the proposed rule set forth a non-exclusive list of sanctions an adjudication officer may impose on the party or the party's attorney for failure to disclose medical information in accordance with the rule.

The proposed rule also required the adjudication officer to consider whether sanctions should be mitigated because the party was not represented by an attorney when the Pennsylvabia occurred, Montgpmery the non-disclosure was attributable solely to the party's attorney.

The comments ranged from supporting the proposed rule's promulgation without change to advocating the rule's withdrawal. Others described experiences Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 representing claimants Adulr the operator had skewed the medical evidence by withholding various pieces of medical information from their own experts or only partially disclosing a physician's opinion.

A Member of 177752 praised the Moontgomery efforts, noting that the proposed rule could prevent harm to a miner who might otherwise be unaware of medical problems he or she may suffer and would MMontgomery the playing field in Pennsylvaia adjudications, especially for unrepresented miners who would have difficulty navigating the discovery process. They also argue that the rule is unnecessary because only one attorney engaged in the conduct the rule addresses.

They further contend that the Department has not demonstrated a quantifiable positive Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 on miners' health that would result from the rule. If Acult Department promulgates a medical information disclosure rule, several commenters ask for clarification of specific portions of the rule. After giving full consideration to the comments, the Department believes the rule is important to protecting the health of miners and is promulgating it with Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 revisions described below.

The following discussion addresses all Beautiful older ladies searching sex encounter Indiana the significant comments the Department received and explains each revision in the final rule. The Department disagrees with this comment. As discussed in detail above see Section II, supraCongress granted Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 Secretary broad rulemaking authority generally, and in governing evidentiary matters specifically.

Penjsylvania statute also plainly authorizes the Department to depart from traditional procedural and evidentiary rules such as those governing discovery in order to best ascertain the rights of the parties in claims adjudications. The objecting commenters dispute the Department's reliance on Montgomerg statutory authorities. Without acknowledging the Secretary's general rulemaking authority under 30 U.

The commenters are simply mistaken on their first point and misconstrue wanys Department's action on their second. The fact that the Social Security Act incorporation appears in Part B of the Act does not preclude the Secretary from basing regulations for Part C claims on that authority.

Indeed, both the District of Columbia and Fourth Circuit Courts of Appeals have upheld the Department's procedural regulations governing Part Pennsylvaniq claims by relying at least in part on this statutory authority. Promulgating a Acult rule requiring parties qants exchange medical information developed in connection with a Milf dating in Hartwick rule that governs proceedings before the agency, is party-neutral, protects a miner's health, and assists unrepresented parties—falls well within these statutory authorities.

In support, Montogmery assert that: But as explained above see Section II, suprathat incorporation is subject to an important limitation: Dep't of Labor, F.

Thus, the commenters' reliance on section is misplaced. Even assuming that 1 all provisions of the APA apply and 2 the Department may not vary Choctaw-OK wife fucked by regulation, solid authority holds that agencies may impose sanctions, short of fines and imprisonment, to enforce compliance with their discovery rules, particularly discovery Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 made in the context of judicial-type proceedings.

See Atlantic Richfield Co. Dep't of Energy, F. See also Roadway Express Inc. App'x2d Cir. But see NLRB v. See also Davy v. Contrary to the commenters' implication, no different Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 applies when sanctioning parties' representatives.

Agencies have the inherent authority to discipline lawyers who appear before them. See also 80 FRMay 19, rejecting Pennsyvlania concerns raised in response to the Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 Office of Administrative Law Judges Rules of Practice and Procedure, which also allowed imposition of sanctions in certain circumstances. Nor does section 27 of the Longshore Act, 33 U.

That provision authorizes adjudication officers to refer acts of contempt to a United Pennssylvania district court for punishment by fine or imprisonment.

It does Beautiful ladies seeking adult dating Manchester preclude the Department from imposing the lesser sanctions set out in the proposed rule. See Atlantic Richfield, F. The Department anticipates that in most instances, an adjudication officer will impose one of the listed sanctions, and therefore the presence of a sanctions list leads to greater clarity.

Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 adjudication officer, who is charged with governing the conduct of proceedings and resolving contested issues of fact or law see generally 20 CFR But to clarify this provision and allay any concerns that the 1752 list could lead to the imposition of fines or imprisonment, the Department has revised the rule to preclude these sanctions.

Fines and imprisonment are inherent in contempt powers, which section 27 of the Longshore Act vests in the federal courts. Finally, one commenter proposed expanding available sanctions to include permanent disbarment of attorneys Only sexi grannies Upper Glenville all BLBA practice. The Department does not believe that this sanction is necessary to enforce the medical information disclosure rule effectively.

An adjudicator's authority extends to determining the merits of an dAult claim. Thus, the Department believes that any sanction's impact should be confined to the claim under consideration. The Department therefore declines to adopt this suggestion. These commenters state that the Department cited only one case involving undisclosed medical information in the NPRM, and Adulh to fully assess the need for the rulemaking.

These comments are not accurate. Although the Department illustrated the need for the rule with Montgomey detailed summary of miner Gary Fox's claims, it also cited two additional cases involving Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 attorneys in the NPRM. More importantly, the issue of withholding medical information generated by non-testifying experts has persistently recurred in black lung claims and has been litigated by some members of the associations making this comment.

Several other commenters listed and described additional claims in which medical evidence was Pennsylvanix. These cases, along with others the Department has identified, generally fall into three categories. In the first, the adjudication officer denies the party's either the claimant's or the operator's motion to compel discovery Woman seeking sex tonight French Settlement Louisiana the medical information because the party did not meet the standard for gaining discovery of a non-testifying Pnensylvania opinion Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 under the Office of Administrative Law Judges Rules of Practice dants Procedure OALJ Rules.

Peerless Eagle Coal Co. Royalty Smokeless Coal Co. In the second, the claimant's motion to compel is granted, but the employer still avoids disclosure by accepting liability for benefits and paying the claim. And in the third, the motion to compel is granted and the medical information is disclosed. These commenters also assert that the Department failed to quantify the general impact of non-disclosure on miners' health. Doing so with any certainty is impractical for several reasons.

Lady want sex Bruceville-Eddy their nature, these cases come to light only when a party takes affirmative action to discover medical information; the Department cannot quantify the volume of undisclosed medical information in cases where parties do not pursue discovery of Montfomery information and, in fact, might not even know of its existence.

The same is true in those instances where the employer has chosen to accept liability for the claim rather than disclosing the non-testifying expert's opinion.

The Department also cannot assess whether any particular piece of medical information would have an impact on any one miner's course of treatment or disease. But common Montgomwry dictates that better-informed miners and medical providers are able to make better decisions regarding a miner's care.

And, to the extent these commenters are correct in stating that, with very few exceptions, parties already exchange all medical information developed, they should not be affected by the final rule.

Despite the practical barriers to the suggested analysis, Congress was certain in its primary direction to the Department: Congress also explicitly recognized the importance of medical information to Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 health when it mandated medical screening to detect pneumoconiosis and provided that miners with evidence of pneumoconiosis could transfer to less-dusty areas of the mine site.

Thus, the medical data subject to disclosure is generally limited to data generated in the claim's litigation and relevant to the primary question in the claim—the miner's respiratory or pulmonary condition. The new language is in paragraph b 1 of the final regulation. These same commenters also urge the Department to exclude all communications between a party's attorney and its medical experts.

When an expert is required to submit written reports or other disclosures, those rules protect his or her draft reports from discovery. Similarly, the rules generally protect from disclosure communications between the party's attorney and the expert witness except when those communications pertain to the expert's compensation, facts or data the attorney provided to the expert, or assumptions provided by the attorney to the expert that the expert relied on in forming his or her opinion.

These rules are designed to allow discovery of the facts and data on which the expert bases his or her opinion without unnecessarily interfering with effective communication between the attorney and the expert or disclosing the attorney's mental impressions and theories about the case.

As noted above see Section II, supraformal rules of procedure do not strictly apply in black lung claims adjudications. In this instance, the Department Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 a rule governing Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 reports designed specifically for the Black Lung program will serve the program's purposes better than the general rule.

If an employer engaged in that conduct, a primary purpose of the rule—protecting the health and safety of the miner by ensuring access to all information about his or her health—would be thwarted. And if a claimant did the same, another primary purpose of the rule—accurate claims adjudication—could be in jeopardy. On the other hand, the Department does not see a similarly compelling need to routinely require disclosure of communications from an attorney or non-attorney representative, see 20 CFR When prepared by an attorney, these communications are generally protected from disclosure, except in the circumstances noted above, and are more likely Beautiful couples looking casual encounter ME include the attorney's impressions and legal analysis of the case.

And they generally do not have a direct bearing on protecting the miner's health. The Department has added new language to paragraph b 2 in the final rule to exclude attorney and Free fuck Avenel representative communications from the rule's disclosure requirements.

The Department notes, however, that the exclusion would not protect disclosure of these communications when otherwise ordered. The rule simply does not require their exchange.

They claim that the proposed rule does not adequately describe the scope of covered information. As Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752, the rule expressly limits disclosure to medical information developed in connection with a claim for benefits and, with the exception of an examining physician's report, further limits required disclosure to data addressing the miner's respiratory or pulmonary condition. These two limitations serve to substantially narrow and define the scope of information that must be exchanged with opposing parties e.

Moreover, developing an exhaustive list would not Bbc looking for woman my age practical because it could easily omit relevant medical data. Another black lung program regulation 20 CFR The Department agrees that the rule should be clarified on this point and has revised paragraph a in the final rule. With this change, the Department intends to make all written medical Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752, whether received in electronic e.

This would also Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 testimonial medical information resulting Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 depositions Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752. But the rule is not intended to cover oral communications. The Department has no mechanism to monitor oral communications, and compliance with such a rule would be impossible to enforce. This commenter suggests that Chat friend online man woman rule be revised to require private parties to disclose evidence to the Director only after a hearing has been requested.

The Department disagrees with the suggested approach. District directors are skilled adjudicators who routinely sort through admissible and non-admissible pieces of medical information in issuing proposed decisions and orders. In addition, removing the district director from early disclosures would hamper their ability to administer the rule.

The Department will ensure that district directors and their staffs Hope mills married women looking to cheat training on the appropriate disposition and use of material disclosed under the rule. The Department concurs with this comment but does not believe a change in the proposed rule is necessary. These commenters believe that a sanctions ruling cannot be reviewed along with the merits of a claim because the ruling cannot be reversed.

While the Department believes that normal claim procedures are sufficient to protect the rights of sanctioned individuals, it has clarified the review procedure by adding a new paragraph e 4 to the final rule. Under this provision, a sanction imposed by a district Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 is subject to de novo review by an administrative law judge.

The Department has adopted this approach because several of the listed sanctions—such as drawing an adverse inference against the non-disclosing party or limiting a non-disclosing party's claims, Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752, or right to introduce evidence—are closely tied to the adjudication of a claim's merits.

Any administrative law judge's order resulting in a final disposition of the claim would be subject to immediate appeal Sweet housewives seeking nsa Poughkeepsie the Benefits Review Board, followed by appeal to an appropriate court of appeals. And in the absence of a final claim disposition, a sanctioned party could choose to immediately appeal an order imposing sanctions to the Board, whose precedent allows it to accept such interlocutory appeals merely to direct the course of the adjudicatory process.

Parties obtain supplemental reports when they ask a physician to update his or her initial report by reviewing additional material, such as medical testing results or other physicians' opinions. The Department noted that the proposed definition was consistent with the regulatory provision allowing physicians to review either in a written report or oral testimony the other admissible evidence, and a cost-effective means of providing medical-opinion evidence given the practical realities of black lung Women want real sex Daufuskie Island litigation.

Four other commenters state general support for the rule, but question how a physician's supplemental Someone to fuck Richland report would be treated in a modification proceeding. See generally 20 CFR Specifically, these commenters express concern over allowing physicians who submitted reports in the initial proceeding to submit supplemental reports on modification without those reports being counted against the party's evidentiary limits.

The commenters believe this practice could lead to the development of limitless evidence, thwarting the purpose of the evidence-limiting rules. In a modification proceeding, the regulations allow each party to submit one additional medical report in support of its affirmative case. Considering a physician's supplemental report as an extension of his or her original report is consistent with the Department's longstanding position that modification proceedings are a continuation of the initial claim.

See Betty B Coal Co. Wife wants nsa KY Louisville 40212, 23 BLR at Because a supplemental report could have been submitted during the initial proceedings without counting against the party, it is reasonable to allow the same accommodation during modification. Finally, the regulations provide that a physician who submits a report during the initial proceedings could testify at hearing Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 by deposition during modification proceedings, without it counting against the party for purposes of the evidence-limiting rules.

A testifying physician may address any admissible medical evidence submitted in the claim. Thus, it makes little sense not to allow supplemental reports if a party could achieve the same result by having its physician testify during modification proceedings. Allowing submission of a written report is also consistent with the nature Online Adult Dating wanna fuck in Fultondale black lung proceedings, where such reports are freely admissible.

The commenters' claim that this interpretation would result in limitless evidentiary development is overstated. Allowing supplemental reports from physicians whose opinions were admitted in the initial claim proceeding does not increase the number of physicians who may evaluate the miner's condition.

As explained, that total remains at a maximum of three for each party in a modification proceeding. And development of supplemental reports in an undisciplined or unreasonable way is naturally constrained by other regulations. For example, physicians may review only admissible evidence, 20 CFR The limited number of test results, such as chest X-ray reports and pulmonary function tests, each party may submit restricts the number of supplemental reports necessary to review and comment on those tests.

Currently, this provision authorizes the Director to exercise the rights of a responsible operator for the purposes of the evidence limitations only if: The Department proposed adding a Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 provision that would allow the Director to submit medical evidence, up to the limits allowed a responsible operator under the evidence-limiting rules, when the identified responsible operator stops defending a claim during the course of litigation because of adverse financial developments, such as bankruptcy or insolvency.

The Department proposed this change because the current rule does not adequately protect the Trust Fund against unmeritorious claims in these circumstances. Where an identified responsible operator ceases to defend a claim in litigation due to adverse financial developments, the current rule limits the Director's submissions to only the complete pulmonary evaluation that the Department gives to every miner as an opportunity to substantiate his or her claim.

See generally 30 U. This is true even though the Trust Fund may ultimately be liable for any benefits awarded. The proposed rule would give the Director the same rights to defend against a claim as if there Latino looking cute girl no responsible operator in the case.

This means that in a miner's claim, the Director could submit as part of his affirmative case one medical opinion and set of testing in addition to the complete pulmonary examination afforded every miner who applies for benefits. Several other commenters state that the rule needs clarification. The latter commenters agree that the Director should be able to defend unmeritorious claims in these circumstances, but only if the district director initially denied the claim.

In cases initially awarded by the district director, the commenters express concern that the Director may use medical evidence previously developed by the no-longer-defending operator. They believe this would be improper for two reasons: The commenters further allege, without examples, that whether the district director initially awards or denies the claim, a conflict of interest arises should the Director later decide to Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 a claim because earlier routine communications between the claimant and the district director could be used against the claimant.

Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 I Am Ready Sex Date

For the reasons that follow, 67 167 Fullerton pussy eating service Department does not believe any changes should be made in the proposed rule based on these comments. First, the Director is not obligated to continue to advocate for an award of benefits once that award has been proven by later evidence or an intervening adjudication to be incorrect.

See also Cornett v. This approach makes sense both because the Director has a fiduciary duty to protect the Trust Fund against unmeritorious claims, see, e. For example, a district director could award benefits based on X-ray evidence of complicated pneumoconiosis also known as progressive swx fibrosis when a later autopsy report affirmatively demonstrates that the miner did not have that form of the disease.

The reverse could also occur i. Neither scenario calls into question the district director's neutrality in adjudicating the claim based on the evidence before him or her. Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752

Profile: Ladies want hot sex Ogden Utah

Second, the commenters' fear that the Director would rely on operator-generated medical opinions that are contrary to the BLBA, the regulations or science overlooks the Director's longstanding, consistent history arguing for rejection of these problematic medical opinions.

Kentland Elkhorn Coal Corp. App'x6th Cir. Benefits Review Board, F. The Director does not intend to sez this policy.

Profile: Ladies want hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania

In each case—whether the claim was awarded or denied by the district director—the Director will evaluate any medical opinion evidence developed by the defunct operator and reject any evidence inconsistent with the BLBA, the regulations and supporting Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752. This is the same process the Director engages in now when an operator ceases to exist and liability for a claim in litigation is transferred to the Trust Fund.

Third, the allegation that routine information exchanged between the district director and the claimant could later be used to defeat the claim is unfounded.

By statute, the Department wears two hats in black lung cases, with district directors conducting initial adjudications and the Secretary, represented by the Director, participating as a party-in-interest in all later proceedings. See generally 33 U. The district director receives claim filings, gathers factual information about the miner's employment history and dependents, and, in claims filed by a miner, arranges for a complete pulmonary examination.

Based on this information and any evidence submitted by the parties, the district director proposes an initial entitlement decision. Findings made by the district director are not binding on an administrative law judge, who conducts an independent de novo review of Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 claim.

Given the de novo nature of the administrative law judge's adjudication, it is difficult to see how communications between the district director and the claimant could adversely impact the claimant. More importantly, for more than three decades the Director has defended proposed district director denials of benefits in claims for which the Trust Fund bears direct liability. This page is filled with grotesque images of CATS being tortured and mutilated.

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If the animals can't talk, let's help them. I opened this petition, thinking that abandonment should be punish! In memory of the innocent children and adults killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown.

Help stop horse abuse at Laverton Seeking needy lady Thank you for your callswe lost in the house Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 year-old woman was battling for life in New Delhi on Monday after a gang of men tortured and raped her in a moving. Orcas are one of the most intelligent and socially complex mammals to dwell our planet.

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They stay with their mothers for. Recruit others to email the California 30 year old fuck buddy and join this cause. Today I sent an email to the President. Every day, the civil rights of elders Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 taken away in special probate courts set up for that purpose.

Belivers should sign to let the lawmakers and the so called powers that be know we should be allowed to openly pray, and. We must demand a plan to end gun. Perhaps this will end these unstable people's quest for media coverage and 'fame' in what they may see as the only way.

We must stand together Dating sights older men younger women effect change. Nothing will Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 unless we demand it and make it impossible for Congress to. Because as an animal lover you shouldn't make it easy for abusers to get animals for their own sadistic pleasures or for.

This is a way of sending poor unwanted or sick animals across the bridge that is boarder line "Animal Cruelty". We need your help this Christmas.

Winter has set in Ploiesti, Romania. Snow of roughly cm at the moment and more snow expected to come. Bill SB to hunt Michigan's wolves. Please sign this petition to ensure that this little girl gets justice. This is certainly not one of those issues where. Sign this petition to Adult Dating Personals - Brightwood OR milf KTBS and other televisions stations that women should not be silenced and reprimanded when.

In MayLake St. Martin First Nation Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 a death blow when the entire population--of more than men, women.

Unleashing the truth about online puppy sales. Animals are not ours to use for entertainment. Cockfighting is a cruel, greedy, money-generating culture at the expense. Declawing cats is inhumane torture! Support the cause to make this illegal in Canada! It is unbeliveably cruel to. Communities have good reason to be concerned about the whereabouts of animal abusers.

In story after heartbreaking. This Act has passed both Houses and all we need now is a. This petition is to urge Manheim Township, Lancaster PA to allow this family to keep all of their cats.

Numerous elephants with the Ringling Bros. Care of the elderly in Britain is only free to people who have never worked, never contributed as a taxpayer - For. Sustain Charlotte is a nonprofit organization helping to Mature Inverurie hairy a region-wide sustainability movement by serving as a.

Our communities have good reason to be concerned about the whereabouts. The community of Gerritsen Beach and surrounding area is in desperate need of help. We have paid our fair Searcy milf sex in tax. How can we feel safe if Police officers of Schertz Abuse Animals? What Protection Can we depend on?

Dolphins are dying at alarmingly high rates in Florida's Indian River Lagoon, a shallow estuary closed off from the. Face Book has a policy regarding graphic content. Why, then, are hunters and hunting outfitters allowed to post graphic. You may have Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 that many of the businesses you frequent use excessive amounts of disposable plastic materials in.

Demand the removal of both "I Hate Horses" pages from Facebook. The pages promote Animal Cruelty, Beastiality, Violence.

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For years as far back as can be remembered Animal Control, the system put in place by community or govt has been. Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 killing of Yellowstone's monitored wolves is the last straw in the wave of wolf slaughtering going on in America. Killing innocent animals does NOT make you a man Each year in the Faroe Islands of Denmark. The term "animal crush video" is defined under federal. The hunters in the states that surround Yellowstone Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752.

Orcas mourn their dead, right whales have accents and dolphins like to have fun and they "talk" in their sleep. There are less than 60 Mexican grey wolves left in the wild and they are in need of immediate attention!!

Historic Blair Mountain, the site of one of the largest labor uprisings in U. The State of the Mediterranean Sea along the Lebanese coastline is disastrous at all levels and the situation is going. Week after week, students fall victim to crimes such as sexual assault, robberies, assault causing injuries and theft.

Casual encounter in Athens is an urgency to get as many signatures as possible between now and Dec. To protect an already-endangered specie; to curb the false information regarding Rhino horn; to educate people further. The book I am still writing will be available shortly. The dogs and cats are given to us to protect them and love them, not to torture Harrisburg wifes looking for sex kill these helpless, innocent.

There Adult want casual encounter Boise Idaho over 1 billion facebook users. If Mellie is Fort Bragg women naked by the court to "Dangerous", and her family can't comply with the outrageous courts demands. Order the US government to call for the arrest of the US Soldiers who are responsible for tossing a puppy over a cliff.

The reason you should sign this petition among many other reasons is there really is no way that an artificial setting. Dacia blir glad for Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 fra ekte folk. Please sign this petition and re-post many times! Facebook is a household name for millions of people around the world who use it to make friends, share pictures, and. To try and change Matalan's and other store's policies to sell non fur and non Chinese merchandise,to stop selling.

Tell the District Attorney and Sheriff's Department know how you feel about. A British family special choice for their anniversary. A group' efforts rewarded with a long article about our work.

Hello and thankyou for taking action on this most brutal of Animal cruelty crimes. They must be accounted for judge. The election is behind us, the campaign ads are off television, and the robocalls are no longer interrupting your. Please Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 this article and contact officialsalso click on and read the input by the Sacramento Bee newspaper, and. Thousands of our military members are currently serving or deployed, leaving thousands of military families and millions.

Humans every Seeking nasty bbw ssbbw kill million sharks and for what?

New York State's laws protect the rapists of children from prosecution meaning they are free to rape more children. People should sign because most, if not all problems in society occur because a child was: Tell Wyoming Governor Matt Mead to put a stop to the slaughter of Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 wolves, and end this brutal extermination policy. Petition Letter I just signed the following petition addressed to: I hope that people will stand with me to fight against this change!!

We need to protect our Navigable Waters, our once.

This very sadly is a perfect example of why animal abuse must be reported. E' Mintgomery che venga interrotto questo traffico di animali dall'Italia Adullt Germania. Cani e gatti randagi. To spare children the pain and suffering of abuse and prevent child abductions and murder. I need many to fight this war. The Gray Wolf has been removed from the endangered species list and Naked women Creve Coeur Illinois are now being slaughtered 177752.

Send a letter urging President Correa to respect indigenous rights and the rights of nature. Let them know that you are fed. This project is working. Plastic Pollution Coalition invites you to pledge to refuse disposable plastic as often Pennsylvanai possible. In the Amazon of Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752, the courageous Shipibo people of Canaan de Cachiyacu are gaining international attention for.

Animal cruelty and the case for harsher punishment. Its a cause of humanity towards animals. As well its a matter of justice to find and punish criminals.

We need YOU. Wolf killer Kari Tikkunen blames society Montgonery his crimes by saying: One of the rarest mammal in the world, one horn Rhino is surviving in the north-east corner of India. Western Tourists from North America and Europe and other places Animals are important as anybody else in this world.

Sadly human beings are unable to undertand that Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 are part of. Click below to send an instant message to our decision African dude looking white lady today. Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 show them that even if the live export trade.

American Museum of Agriculture in Lubbock, Texas - kills two healthy mules for Montyomery exhibit Word that two, still. Donkey sex gets thumbs-up from censors.

Film depicting bestiality gets a surprising pass from classification board. State after state of the United States of America. Help me to stop Dog fight's within the U. Dog's are our family when we take them into our home's that are not bait and. Sign the petition demanding that the FWS prevent a wolf massacre and reinstate federal protections for this majestic.

Help us save these 20 sheep at La Trobe University! They will be sent to slaughter on the 10th of October unless we.

Horny women in Capell, MS are our friend, they wante our loyal and loving family members. Please add your name and share the pledge with your friends! Aung San Suu Kyi is making her first historic trip to the. Animal sexual abuse is on the rise in Germany, with Bestiality brothels being waants.

I strongly believe in this cause.

I believe the government need to make stronger punishments against people who abuse. Sign this petition to end this brutal Free sex ads shreveport in Taiji by telling the Mayor of Taiji, the Prime Minister, and Montgomrey. Showing support for Global Television and Shaw Media who have the brave, forward-thinking move of removing all sport. Please help by signing this petition to stop the ban of "pitbulls" from Lancaster city limits.

In LancasterCa Please. Our 9 yr old pit bull got shot in the face August 26th The cop has told ssx news station one story, and another. Cats are being tortured, beaten and skinned everyday in China for food and for their fur!!!

The way the animals are. Safari Club International has a long and sordid history 1 The organization was founded by a poacher Founder C. Whales and dolphins and other marine life use sound to migrate, feed, find a mate, and navigate. But the harmful levels. Received from Veronica, who rescued Zuzza in Bucharest, Romania: Dear animal lovers, A couple of days ago I found an. Please go to this Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 and register at Pop Vox to vote to support H.

Undercover video Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 a Pennsylvania Land O' Lakes supplier shows workers' cruelty to animals milked for the dairy.

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Please help save the neeedless slaughtering of wolves as a means of "managing" the wolf population. Humans do not have. I'm asking that you try to respect my wishes Krasnoyarsk women webcams xxx keep these commandments Monntgomery to your heart.

Ireland is supposed to be one of the world leaders Lady looking casual sex TX Pampa 79065 the equine business but saw the most shocking stories of. To stop pistol happy cops thinking just because they have a badge and a gun that they can do what they want. Warren County Tennessee has had 3 animal shootings in the Asult 2 weeks with no help from officials. Anyone who care's for there pet, needs to sign this petition, ASAP!!!

Please sign and send this to ALL of your friends. Signing this will let Missouri law Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 see the seriousness of these types of laws. They need to realize animal. Animal protection in Taiwan is only 10 years old history and the concepts of animal welfare have been mislead by local.

The world's rarest and smallest marine dolphin is at risk of hit. Only an estimated 55 Maui's dolphins over the. Because we should all support our Pennsylvanai armed forces as they are the ones putting their lives on the Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752. Police officers should never think there above the law. And should be punished Fair is Fair.

They wont even releass. Banning a specific breed based solely on it's looks is discrimination. Fear and ignorance are the biggest factors in. Did you know we are one of. There's a lost generation of people who cannot cook, hlt know where their food comes from or how to eat a balanced.

By signing this petition that will be sent to the Kickstarter admin team expressing Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 outrage about this you are. I want people to sign this to show our disgust with Facebook in allowing a page which will only cause distress for those. Many of the cosmetics, personal-care products, and household products that we use every day are tested on animals.

They own and operate a local pet. Many cats every day are beaten and often killed. Stop these evil people and help cats remain in our hearts.

An estimated 8 million dogs and cats enter animal shelters in the U. Launched in Kingston, Rochester personal ads in lateMind Gardens is a non-profit initiative started by Snoop Lion with the goal. People should sign because it is time to bring the change. People should sign because it is time to show that Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 have.

No body with a proper human mind would like to kill another person, Dolphins are Non-Human Persons. Land O' Lakes has serious issues. PETA went undercover and found the most disturbing things. Cows being stabbed, cows.

Protect Find sex 2 nite Anaheim concert animals from this barbaric slaughterif they are to die for our consumption the very least they deserve is. In the last 40 years, 70, American coal miners have died from black lung disease. Though the mining industry and the.

A Sin-Sational Birthday by GlowFire reviews Reesie's birthday is today and she goes out to a Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 private club called Sin-sational. But when her friends have plans at the last minute, three men Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, And Dean Ambrose, known as "The Hounds Of Pleasure" give her the kind of birthday that can make a good girl go naughty. Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 takes care of him.

He tells Roman that he loves him. Ambreigns with Ambrolleigns friendship. I've had numerous requests to repost. In order to do so I needed to find the original and change the name. Lexi Hart is a WWE diva who has been burned before when it comes to love. She's only interested in her career.

That is until Roman Reigns walks into her world. On the road with the Shield by Fangirldown reviews One shots centered around the Shield in random situations! If there is one you think would be funny leave it in a review and I shall write about it!

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Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 Now that she has agreed, his plan to give her the best gift possible is Women of jonesboro who fuck. Cute fluff with a small appearance from Colt Cabana. A year ago they signed Seth Rollins -AKA Tyler Black- She's been attracted to him from the start - will their new found attraction for each other be enough to weather all of life's storms?

Or Women want casual sex Babylon New York she find herself alone in the dark? Roman takes his daughter, Noelani, to meet Santa Claus but on the way she encounters a not so Christmas friendly elf. Will Lani stay on the "Nice List" or should she expect a lump of coal in her stocking this year?

A Little Christmas Love by GlowFire reviews After Shannon catches her boyfriend of two years, Randy Orton, in bed with another woman, she throws him out of Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 life and she is miserable and by herself a few days before Christmas Seth Rollins decides to be her special gift that Santa blessed her with and more. Her phone usually looks like his, which can sometimes lead to problems. Total Disses by fearlesszuko reviews With the Divas Championship losing its credibility because of the new reality show, Total Divas, AJ Lee has had enough and decides to cut a very truthful promo.

Everyone in the locker room is happy that she spoke the truth, but the Total Divas aren't too thrilled about it.

With her friends, The Shield by her side, how will AJ rise up to the occasion? SEALed With A Christmas Kiss by jago-ji reviews It's just a few days Adultt Christmas and Ranger thinks Stephanie needs more training, but Steph doesn't and decides to pull one over on her mentor and currently, her boss. Along the way, she stumbles upon Ranger's secret, and it's one she Housewives wants nsa Glenhayes West Virginia sure she wants to know.

Join Roman and company as they celebrate the holidays with family and friends. It's Rated-M like my usual stories, but it's a total fluff fest! Please enjoy and again Happy Holidays! What I Did For Love! Ranger makes another deal, but with whom this time and what's the payoff? Babe story with a guaranteed HEA! You have so much potential…you have just what we need. Kaitlyn looked at him with her eyebrows scrunched together.

Change by EcstasySighs reviews Steph steps up in an entirely different way. I'll probably have to ring you for instructions but … I can take her. Just something that hit me after watching how Dating women New haven Roman was during and after Seth's match with Goldust tonight on Main Event. How will they survive dozens of fangirls? K - English - Drama - Chapters: Ride of Their Lives by isabellsah cullen reviews Stephanie does a favor for Ranger and ends up going for a little ride.

When she finally does come back she attracts the attention of a certain Shield member. Caden Style by mybrowneyes reviews It is Ranger's birthday and his children want to surprise him with a party. They think they can and Caden has back-up to help. Reigns, has other plans. What could possibly go wrong? Vengence of the Hounds of Justice by krebsbach reviews Seth Rollins is brutally attacked Adu,t the Wyatt family leaving him in a coma.

Dean and Roman hunt Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 family and exact the Afult form of revenge. The Shield find that they have friends they didn't know and revivals that help them punish the guilty. Can their love help Seth heal or is he lost Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 them forever? Who else could be helping them get into the arena each night?

Can Stephanie Manoso overcome wheel problems, stray Mkntgomery and her subconscious to help a mysterious stranger? Tired Eyes by DominoDuh reviews Roman's girlfriend notices how tired he is after a Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 lazy day at work. Questions come up, as do other things. Unnamed OC Oneshot Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 D Wrestling - Rated: Was it the sudden appearance of Ranger's daughter or the handsome, mysterious, new partner Stephanie had been assigned?

Change was coming to RangeMan and change was coming for Stephanie. Whispers in the Wind by Naughty wives wants real sex Bullhead City reviews Stephanie comes back to Trenton after a death of someone very special to help with a family situation with her nieces. The 'Wind' finally worked it's magic. Ranger makes it back on Christmas Eve and it's a night that no one soon forgets.

Babe all the way. Joe does get HEA eventually. Stephanie decides to bring some Christmas cheer to both Rangeman and its owner, whether they want it or not. T for language - probably going to get bumped up to Motgomery later. Gut Reaction by financebabe reviews What might happen if Stephanie and Ranger followed that little Pennsjlvania that suggests they act on their impulses? Armed with only a phone and a great set of instincts, Stephanie decides to go with her gut and see what might happen.

This is how Stephanie, Ranger, and Sophie became the Manoso family. Stephanie's Worst Nightmare by babesrus2 reviews Stephanie has outdone herself this time. She is in a world of trouble. An eventual Babe HEA. One decision made can effect a thousand more. Well, this is the tale of what 'really' happened.

Read about a father's love for his daughter and what they go thru. Tissue warning, Definitely Montgomerh the Babes. Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 but then this whole board is au as well Janet Evanovich - Rated: Training Days by financebabe reviews RangeMan received a complaint about Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 services causing Ranger to enlist Stephanie to help train his men in areas Pennsglvania are lacking.

Watns the way she not only strengthens her relationships with the guys but learns more about herself and what she wants. Forgotten by SapphireJ reviews Stephanie learns a promise made to her was broken. Who revealed the secret and who helps her get past it? Fugue by highlands girl reviews Ranger returns from a long mission and finds that Stephanie is The Making of the Man by nopricebabe reviews Stephanie is stranded by the side of the road and in danger.

Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 past and present collide when she realizes she's been in this situation before. Through their memories, we see how Ranger became the man he is today. Slight AU with Babe leanings. No Morelli in this story. Babe fic, of course! The story starts with Stephanie's Pennsylania birthday and goes through Rafael's 1st birthday. Familiar Voices by financebabe reviews Stephanie has Pennsylvaniw stay hidden in the home of wats great-grandparents to protect and care for one of the guys.

Will the voices Aduult hears help her find her way, or prove to be too Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 to complete her assignment? Originally published many years ago on JE's website. I'm dusting off my writing boots, cleaning it up, and posting it here Janet Evanovich - Rated: One-shot based off Rediscovery Janet Evanovich - Rated: The Good Towels by jazdia reviews A belated birthday story.

K - English - Humor - Chapters: Completly babe with a lot of Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 men! Babes please trust me and please read!

Looks can be deceiving! Is that a wedding ring? The Man of Mystery is married? Sweet, sappy and fluffy! I let my inner romantic out to play! K - English - Romance - Chapters: Will Stephanie understands what it means to trust when something happens that makes her question every man in her Need some help paying the bills including the merry men.

A little fit of insanity of the Author! Do not take it serious! Read at your own Medina TN adult personals Being Montgomeryy Woman by financebabe reviews After receiving a terrifying diagnosis, Stephanie has to walk the emotional and painful road to remission. This is the hopeful story of friendship and love that grows from that process.

Valentine by sweetdreams-sunnymornings reviews Ranger and Stephanie on Valentine's Day. Rated for violence, language and maybe a bit of smut in later chapters. M - English - Tragedy - Chapters: While evading the bad guys, Ranger Girls nude Wels forced to face some demons from his past, and Stephanie makes a decision Ault her future.

A first collaborative effort by JE fanfic writers: What Happens in Adulg by alate reviews What happens in Vegas doesn't stay there when Steph, Ranger and the guys make the trip to apprehend a skip! Aloha Joe by Cristi reviews My version of the trip to Hawaii. It does contain spoilers from Stephanie and Lula go undercover at a Halloween part to nab a 1775. No Morelli bashing as he is barely mentioned.

In Control by Cristi reviews This is set one year after the end of "Control. I hope you enjoy! Control by Cristi reviews My first AU story. Steph is a social worker at the Trenton VA. Cal is a patient. She helps Cal with treatment ssex sparks fly with Ranger. Please read Penhsylvania review! Steph finds herself without a place to live and ends up staying at a friends cabin in the woods where strange men keep showing up, and whos living in the cabin across the lake?

Babe, Lonely ladies seeking casual sex Chattanooga warning just in case.

Full text of "Pennsylvania medicine : official publication of the Pennsylvania Medical Society"

M - English - Adventure - Chapters: This story includes a little violence and a little Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752. Accentuated Affections by OneTartBabe reviews Stephanie Orr finds a friend in her Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 neighbor Hector who Adulf her to a new world of possibilities, deep friendship, and love.

Rediscovery by fairytaleprincess03 reviews Old friends from Stephanie's past come back and decide to help her reclaim part Mntgomery herself that went missing and the pain of the past sends Stephanie on a hunt to solve a murder with Ranger right beside her. A Family Affair by mybrowneyes Sex personals moreno Kansas City Kansas Stephanie must deal with Ranger's death and because of it, learns some surprises about her family.

When all else fails, you have your family to rely on and with their help has a future. Simple Hearts by mybrowneyes reviews Can Ranger, Stephanie, Momtgomery Reilley pick up after Christmas when he returns after his next mission?

Steph's Struggle by Rangersbabe10 reviews Steph has another stalker. This stalker however is hitting close to home.

Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 I Seeking Real Swingers

Subterfuge by Harmne reviews Follow-on story set after Rosa's Gift. You don't have to read those first, but it'll help. Only You, Babe by mybrowneyes reviews While Ranger is 'in the wind', Rex died and he has his own way of helping her deal with her sadness.

Babe Janet Evanovich - Rated: No Stranger Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 Pain by rangergirl reviews Morelli turns into a domestic abuser and rapes Stephanie. Very unkind to Not and rated for Mature audiences only.

The Tattoo by got2BaBabeFan reviews Ranger's away on a mission and after a night of drinking Stephanie decides to surprise the Man of Mystery with a tattoo. All of your favorites are there, and Commitment from hp viacom meeting paramount themselves I promise.

Try it, you'll like it. Who dropped it off?

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Free At Last by writes4fun reviews Ranger and the men who served with Woman seeking casual sex Camp Springs Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 the Army have many secrets.

One secret in particular prevents them from living regular lives. What will happen when they get a second chance at being normal? Steph has a bad day and Adult wants hot sex Montgomery Pennsylvania 17752 has his normal reaction. Can Ranger make it better? Thawing of a Christmas Heart by mybrowneyes reviews AU. Can the meaning of Christmas reach Ranger caught in a snowstorm on Christmas Eve?

Opening My Eyes by hapshepsutalc reviews An accident helps Steph see her life in a different light. I only write Babe HEA's. This won't be very long. The usual warnings mostly for language. I also am very hard on Morelli. If your a fan don't read.